Welcome To My Life 2…

Come on in,
welcome to my life,
I get up in the morning,
(even on the weekends)
and I start training dogs!

Somehow my song is just not as catchy as the original, enjoy your weekend. Rained all night which only watered the mosquitoes (I believe I may live in a midwestern rainforest) there are almost as many in my house this morning as there are outside.



5 Responses to “Welcome To My Life 2…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    God I love a woman strong enough to wear red shoes.

  2. Anonymous beat me to it, but I’m diggin on those red shoes…

  3. I love my clogs — this pair is a little small (they were on sale) but I had to have them…red. Say yes to red.


  4. Red..Red….

    RED is my absolute favorite color and had been since I was a little kid. I love love love RED. I always say yes to RED….had to let you know that…

    My car is red, my KA mixer is RED and my dream is to have a red living room!

  5. hee-hee, I noticed the red shoes right away too!

    bzzzzzz… I saw ONE mosquito today.

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