So much depends…

Do much depends on…

The handmade bowl with the white Fage yogurt,
next to the red berries,
surrounded by the blue, blue, deep blues.

The golden flaxseed, crunch of walnuts
all sparkling under the honey,
always the honey-
the elixer of life!

I used to rush to start my day – smoke, drink coffee, complain…feel drained and drag myself off to work again. I did very well but I was doing very poorly.

Now I rise with my own internal clock, and work when I feel ready to get started (or mostly so). One enjoys a beautiful bowl, with a delicious breakfast – music plays almost always the voices of women. Again I am waking up with Katie Sawicki.

The blue jays have fledged…their cries sound full of fear, encouragement, joy?! They are so beautiful,
the blue jays,
they contemplate so little,
they just fly,
they just live,
they just let themselves cry, cry
and do it all over again.

I want a blue jay life.

Do something for yourself today, generosity begins with what you give yourself for breakfast and taking a moment to live in it.



9 Responses to “So much depends…”

  1. I’m just happy to have windows open and this air moving through. I’m gonna HAVE to make me that breakfast. Thanks for the lovely words!

  2. Blue Jays are handsome in their coloring and head crest, but they also are aggressive and territorial. hmm?

  3. Grumpy Granny Says:

    Isn’t Fage yougurt the BEST!!



  4. How is it you manage to make a bowl of yogurt look sexy?

  5. TaraDharma Says:

    oh, i hear a william carlos william fan…

    lovely poem, and so true. to be able to take ample pleasure in the beauty of simple things is a great gift. It is, mostly, all there is.

  6. Fage yogurt is the BEST — it’s very sexy, food is sexy and I might be very territorial over my yogurt but then too it all depends on who is asking for a bite.

    Of what?!

    -off bad janet is off.

  7. Yes – you got the Williams reference. Huge fan of poetry and the simple things.

    I realized the other day that I have very little on some levels and frankly that said it is still more than I need.

    thanks for visiting-
    (have you called Melissa for me yet?)

  8. hahahahahaha!

  9. that thought was a breath of fresh air to me today. thank-you.

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