Playing with paint & clay.

Not the best photograph — it’s raining here today so not a lot of light is streaming in through the window this morning. More experiments with clay and acrylic paint (as a possible alternative to glazing some of my work) – there are things that are happening with this that I really enjoy, could not get with glaze. I do wish to make some more “clay canvases” and see where it might go. Think ultimately the pieces I have been puzzled about how to finish will receive some velvet underglazes…followed by wax.

I made a really cool piece last week that I will try to get a shot of when I am in the studio this Wednesday – it’s unusual for me to like something the moment after it’s complete. This might mean my work is getting better or I am getting easier on myself…oh Virgo moons that cannot be true.

And the “Altar For Your Despair” came through the bisque firing all in one piece – Nora would like it for the show, I would like it personally (it will still be in the show) and now the how to finish/glaze it dilemma. There is just nothing worse then doing a piece you really like and ruining it with a bad glaze.

-who had fabulous time at Michigan Pride, met lots of people, ran into many clients and will post more on that later. We enjoyed not a single protester – how did that happen?


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