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Sorry I’m Late I Didn’t Know What To Wear…

Posted in Personal ramblings on July 31, 2008 by boychick1

Sorry I’m late I just didn’t know what to wear…Vans or heels? Vans or heels?

In the end I opted for the Vans, my favorite pair with skulls and spiders…get your own here, ah shucks you can’t. E-mail me we’ll talk I’ll send you mine. Can you walk in a ten? You’ll have to buy me a replacement, there are several I have my eye on.

When I thought about this topic I was looking for a pair of 3 inch spike heels I had, sort of a faux lizard skin…Via Spagia. I know that sounds tacky but it was the 80’s and those shoes were hot. In them I was a towering six foot one inches tall (most of it legs). I had a figure fitting grey knit dress with a zipper that ran from top to the bottom on the front. It was smoking, I was too literally. Puff, puff, puff.

Now I can’t imagine who that woman was, in the heels and the slick dress…I have not had a dress or skirt on in at least four or five years. The last time I put on a dress it was for a fund raiser at my last employer.

It’s now blissful self employment, tennis shoes and an outfit that includes shorts, tank top and my flip flops. As evident in the photo I have a flip flop tan on my feet when I look down it makes me smile.

And it’s permeated my psyche too…flip, flop, flip, flop, flip, flop. Slacker and lack of ambition or at least ambition of a different sort. I work hard but in a much different way then I did before.

It feels good – like a pair of Vans finally broken in …you do what you want when you want, wear what you want when you feel like it. No more bosses, insults or discrimination.

Who was that woman in the heels? Those past wardrobes are gone donated to someone who needs them more than I do, there are just a few things left…like a pair of patent leather pumps, a full length leather coat, some silk dresses, a silk Ann Klien suit. I’m sure I’ll never wear them again and they will go too, I think about those clothes and how much I paid for them and I hang on just a little longer.

Now I slip on a wide leather belt to hold up my button fly jeans as I slide into a pair of mean black leather boots. And apparently am to cut off my locks and wander (looking at the voting) – out into the world edgy and tough. Yes that is what feels right to me too.

Hmmm all of these different women I have been. It’s so strange how I have played all my life with gender, and roles and where I fit and “wear I fit”. And at each point in in my life it has felt right, it has felt authentic, and yet it has been so different in terms of what I was doing with my wardrobe or my sexuality.

But right now — a dress, heels or even some small amount of makeup just doesn’t fit…I end up feeling like a cross dresser. Strange – what about you? How has your taste in clothing been affected by where you are in your life, with your sexuality?

What comes first the biker boots or sleeping with girls? Or sleeping with girls in biker boots? How has your taste and style evolved…


Meet The Press

Posted in Personal ramblings on July 29, 2008 by boychick1

Meet the press.

Your Vote Matters

Posted in Personal ramblings on July 29, 2008 by boychick1

Your vote matters — it does! So I hope you go out in November and vote Obama.

In the meantime exercise your choice and limber up — longer or shorter? Yes it’s a real question as I am not sure what I want to do…longer, shorter?

Please vote in the poll added in the margin. It’s shallow, immature, a great time waster while you are screwing off at work – so why not?

You’d think Apple could improve the tacky in computer photo booth, I mean just how many suicides has it caused by now — why not snap a photo and you are instantly merged with an Angeline Jolie filter. You look hot, sexy and pregnant. Instead you are shot through a ‘make her look as old and sleazy as possible’ one.

Oh well it could be worse… I could be pregnant.

The Waifs: Take It In

Posted in Music on July 25, 2008 by boychick1

Where have I been? How have I missed The Waifs…literally played right here last spring. Sigh.

I hope you take the time to take your life in today — and give The Waifs a listen, they’re fantastic.

I’ll be out for awhile…I’m out stalking musicians again.


New stuff from the studio…

Posted in My Art on July 23, 2008 by boychick1

New stuff it’s not glazed yet BUT I am glazing some things and finished pieces should be coming out of the kiln soon. Have some nifty new frames from the raku process and they will get finished up and I’ll post shots of them soon.


Kris Delmhorst

Posted in Music, Personal ramblings on July 23, 2008 by boychick1

She’s terrific! Give Kris Delmhorst a listen…I’ve been listening to her every morning, painting and enjoying a lazy start to my day. Still quite busy, with no relief in sight but will post more soon. This morning I head to the art studio to play, play, PLAY almost all day. (appointments & classes this evening)

It has finally cooled off here – from the high temperatures and equally high humidity, the dogs are lying at my feet. Walden had another prednisone shot, his tumor is shrinking – he’s always a bit out of it the day following the shot. At 14 I do realize he has already had a rich, full and miraculous life for a golden…still there is never enough time. Animals lives pass by so quickly.

Well I have a shower to jump in and clients to call before I head out for the day.


Sorry for not blogging… sort of overwhelmed.

Posted in Personal ramblings on July 21, 2008 by boychick1

Sorry to not be posting – I have many ideas but have not had my time to blog & my motivation to blog aligning lately.

Busy with work, with dog health problems, with socializing …sending a message to the Michigan lesbian universe to hook me up –many new friends and losing my reclusive status.

And piles of nifty bisque ware that I am glazing or preparing to raku and just not a lot of time.

Stuff is piling up everywhere, I’m overwhelmed and not sure how my head will get above the stuff, all the stuff.

At least is it all generosity pouring down on me (so grateful) – socially and in regards to my business.

I shall do my best to get back to blogging soon, reading yours and leaving comments.