New Work Too.

These are some new pieces in various stages of finishing. The “circus tent” box and “wall piece” are still green ware (drying, not yet fired). I finally know how I want to finish/glaze the pieces that are piling up in the gallery.

The wall piece is about 6 inches square and 2.5 inches deep – they are essentially cubes designed to hang on the wall together. All are handbuilt stoneware.



3 Responses to “New Work Too.”

  1. Janet these are really wonderful. Will you be posting pics of the final product? I would love to see these finished.

  2. Thank you CJ – yes I will post the photos when the pieces are done. Finding glazing so very vexing — nothing worse then ruining a piece you like with a bad glaze/finish option.

    I painted a piece yesterday and while there are things I like about it, it’s not quite what I want yet.

    Lots of experimenting and playing -it’s like dating for me and I’m not getting it right. ha.


  3. Circus Tent Cupcake. (chuckle) This looks like it could be very colorful.

    I like the tiles. Texture, pattern, raised up, punched in. Each their own separate identity but also part of a larger unit. I recently was looking at fossils, so they remind me of shells and crustacean trails.

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