Melissa Ferrick & Ottawa Bluesfest Interview

Can’t wait for the new album – when finally I can listen to “John’s Field” and “Hypocrite” on a constant loop over, and over and over again.

Love the fact that it is going to be a simple acoustic album – one artist and one guitar – I hope she really lets herself go like she does in her concerts.

I have a fantasy about Melissa (oh stop it!)where she gets to work with Rick Rubin at American …he produced all of those uber FANTASTIC recordings with Johnny Cash. I’d imagine the two of them could do some really brilliant work together.



2 Responses to “Melissa Ferrick & Ottawa Bluesfest Interview”

  1. Dang! I had never heard of Melissa until I read your blog. Now I see that she will be here in San Diego this weekend @ Pride! Gots me ALL excited…

  2. Well DANG! Lisa – where have you been? Have fun at Pride, listening to Melissa – -she is fantastic and the best, best in person on the stage.

    Thanks for visiting.


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