Weekend ramble…

The headache is beginning to subside, I think. Of course when I feel that is the case it seems to make it’s presence known again. It’s been with me for a little over 16 hours now and I’m ready for it to go away. No aspirin or ibuprofen don’t seem to touch the type of headache I have.

Whine, whine, whine. I used to get a lot of headaches and was having really wicked pre-menstrual ones. In fact most would reach a level that would ultimately end up with me on my knees and vomiting. Some drastic changes to my diet have almost completely eliminated them – along with the night sweats.

But yesterday…I fell to those wicked, seductive sugar gods. Beginning the day with a double stack of pancakes slathered in a healthy dose of real maple syrup (let the sugar start). Then I rolled into McDonald’s for the single cone between appointments, hey I was hungry and starting to crash post pancakes.

Later in the day, at the store, I grabbed a box of Whoppers – they were on sale…I was in another sugar dip. Started eating those, “oh I can’t finish these, I feel sick” and I finished them anyway. Because it was sugar and chocolate and in front of me.

And I got sick – in the form of a headache almost within minutes of finishing them.

Sigh. I will learn – I have felt so good since I have eliminated almost all meat, dairy and sugar from my life. Pounds fall off, one loses the things in the middle of ones body, no congestion. One starts to feel like a “pure vessel” oh sure one still filled with dirty thoughts but I was at a place of zero awareness of my body. Nothing was hurting, no headaches or pains just presence.

Ah lessons in the box of Whoppers, dammit you gave me a whoppper! Back on track this morning, this week. No sugar, toss the white bread.

I will however NEVER eat soy yogurt…I have come up with some really good substitutes for cream cheese, sour cream but soy yogurt …bleech!

Last night I went to Old Town Lansing’s Jazz fest with new friends of mine. Had a nice time, loved, loved the people watching. Saw some lesbian couples holding hands – good for them. I love diversity and acceptance and was just a wee bit proud of Lansing. Jazz is not my favorite genre of music but the performances were still entertaining. And meeting new people as my friends pimp me out to their friends – one was adorable and over 35.

I am out to run the hounds, the air is cooler, somethings to do around the yard/house this morning (there are always things to do here, this house/yard is a full time job). Then I am headed to a gallery opening, where I hope to sell at least some small thing, that will pay for more clay. After that I have three classes.

And look forward to Monday – unlike the rest of the world, Monday is my deliciously easy day of the week. Sleep in, hit the gym – catch up with phone calls and relax a little.

Toodles for now and apologize for a boring weekend ramble. I’ll get wickedly clever again any moment now – I can feel it coming.


2 Responses to “Weekend ramble…”

  1. Sorry to hear about the headache. Hope it has left you by now. I wish I had to self control to eat better. I was very impressed with your diet. I’m sure it must make a big difference in how one feels.

  2. I used to get migraines until I turned 30 and then they mysteriously disappeared. No idea why, since I did not change my eating habits…maybe hormones?

    And I really like soy yogurt…not as much as I like water buffalo and goat yogurt, but I like it. Have you ever tried Cultural Revolution yogurt? I ADORE it. It has only 7 carbs, so it is great for my blood sugar (I am type 1 diabetic) and it is hands down, my favorite treat.

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