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Short wins …shot from the suicide camera

Posted in Personal ramblings on August 5, 2008 by boychick1

Ok I listened to my readers, my friends, considered my own opinion and short won! This is the latest shot from iMac “suicide camera” flattering to no one, annoying to all. I believe this is the same lens/camera used to take mug shots of child pornographers.

If you are in a girl bar, it’s really dark, you’ve had about six martinis and you can barely stand up – then all you need to so is squint and…

I look just like that Torres woman. Yep, uh huh sure.

j. (off, and off to teach classes)


Katie Reider Updates

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Many more stories have been written about singer/songwriter Katie Reider who died of a tragic illness at only 30 years of age — here are some of the links to the stories.

News story/video that aired on WCBS-TV New York click HERE.

This article ran in the New York Times click HERE.

A long list of articles, blogs, stories about Katie like HERE.

The website 500,000 Hits In 365 Days – where you can learn more about her, her work and download NINE FANTASTIC SONGS for only .99 cents. The money raised is going to be used to pay for her huge medical expenses and funeral costs. Please visit the site HERE, make a donation and keep Katie’s music alive.

Let her life be a lesson and inspiration in how to live fully, and to live beautifully, and to live inspired – her heart sang, and it sang loudly and continues to do so today. Keep her spirit and your spirit alive and full of gratitude.