Short wins …shot from the suicide camera

Ok I listened to my readers, my friends, considered my own opinion and short won! This is the latest shot from iMac “suicide camera” flattering to no one, annoying to all. I believe this is the same lens/camera used to take mug shots of child pornographers.

If you are in a girl bar, it’s really dark, you’ve had about six martinis and you can barely stand up – then all you need to so is squint and…

I look just like that Torres woman. Yep, uh huh sure.

j. (off, and off to teach classes)


5 Responses to “Short wins …shot from the suicide camera”

  1. glued blue glass Says:

    Well, I for one think it looks good. The blue shirt suits you as well.

  2. Thanks Margaret — you seem to be literally “the one” and only comment.

    I like it too – very freeing, I like short hair and how easy it is.


  3. Love the haircut! It looks awesome!

  4. thewishfulwriter Says:

    pshaw! you don’t know what yer talking about! it looks great and so do you. I wish I could wear my hair that short.

    but instead of looking hip, i’d look like a lesbian trying to look hip.

    i know this from experience….

  5. Thanks Heather!


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