Life Is A Choice.

Patti Digh has written a book called “Life Is A Verb” is is soon to release or has just released. Her blog is called “37 Days” and she asks the question what would you do if you only had 37 days to live?

Her blog is a “must stop” and I eagerly await new material…checking my newsfeed several times a day for new content, she and her blog never disappoint.

Today she wrote…in sharing a story from one of her readers.

“Life is a choice. Some of us die only at the end of our lives, others sooner”.

When I watched my best friend die of breast cancer, now over a decade ago…I made a promise to myself to live differently and I have for the most part. It has not come easily, at times I thought the struggle would kill me but it’s happened. I’ve given up addictions and embraced more authentic positive choices in every aspect of my life. There is more work to do but I have already traveled far.

45 – and soon to be 46. When I think about becoming 46 it stops me dead in my tracks – when did that happen, when did I get so old? And wait a minute here…I feel five years old inside. It boggles me, yet there it is, my reflection in the mirror. I am not five years old. 46 years young BUT not yet, I’m still a baby at 45.

What are a few things I have learned over the past few years? Define yourself or someone else will, work at something that you feel passionate about, find a boss you really like (in my case self employment was the perfect solution), move in your choices towards the authentic it opens the most doors, make choices that affirm who you are – in what you do, what you eat, what you wear. You can be stronger at 45 then you were at 25 — it has nothing to do with luck, or good genes and everything to do with effort. You might feel much better if you don’t eat meat and seriously limit your dairy and sugar intake. You don’t have to have night sweats. You can’t eat too much fruit. Walking clears your head, sweat daily, music fills your soul. Make art. Make love. Let your heart break open that helps the life blood flow more freely through your life. Take the time to look, to see, to listen – there is beauty everywhere, sometimes it’s a terrible beauty like a dead swallowtail on the road. “She was so pretty you tell yourself, too young, but then she flew every moment she was here didn’t she?”

You kiss a girl and you like it…you do it over and over again.

What choices have you made — are you dying before your life is over?
What will you do today to embrace life, your precious and authentic life?


4 Responses to “Life Is A Choice.”

  1. glued blue glass Says:

    Write and love my sweetie with all of my heart.

  2. This is a great post. Thanks for the inspiration today. Sometimes I forgot just who is in charge.

  3. Old Crone Says:


    Wow…loved this post. You inspire me on almost a daily basis. Thanks!

  4. yes, yes, and yes…. i’m learning that now….i’m making my life mine, and just “making” my life…

    thanks for the reminder…

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