Readers choice & your comments…

I am feeling a little blocked in terms of what to write about — I always enjoy responding to the thoughts & comments of others.

So why do you stop in…do you have some questions for me or is there something you’d like to see me blog about?

Send them my way…hey I cut off my hair for my readers (ok not entirely cut off or not entirely for my readers? no matter), writing is easy.



8 Responses to “Readers choice & your comments…”

  1. Old Crone Says:

    You inspire me because you are so true to yourself, you have great taste in music, and I’ve become hooked on that yogurt with blue berrys. How do I count the ways? You are wise, and always know what to say to me when I’m falling apart, you have the inate ability to be frank and caring at the same time. This my friend, is why I stop in on you nearly every day.

  2. glued blue glass Says:

    I stop in because it gives me the opportunity to connect with other lesbians and I can relate to your sensibilities.
    You know what would be really cool? If we did a carnival of queer posts and have bloggers submit their favorites. I don’t have time to take this on but would love to see it happen. I’d even contribute something 🙂

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Janet,

    I just stumbled across your blog recently and have enjoyed reading your entries. You have excellent taste in music (I have a similar collection – but have picked up a few new artists to listen to after reading). How do you find the music scene in Lansing?


  4. C. Hello and welcome! How did you find the blog — I’m curious.

    Scene in Lansing…what scene is that? I find Lansing incredibly boring so I leave whenever possible.

    One artist leads me to another, who recommends another — I spend a lot of time on You Tube, My Space etc. My friends recommend things to me.

    There just isn’t enough time in the day to listen to it all.

    Thanks for visiting-

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Janet, So, how did I find your blog – I was searching for music in Lansing and you do pieces on quite a few artists. Alas, artists that do not necessarily play here. I am new to Lansing, and a little perturbed by the lack of music – but, I have some ideas on how to change this. I am a little swamped at the moment, but perhaps by next summer I can do something about it. anyway – take care!

  6. Hello C. – ah I see. I thought you were from Howell, not Lansing.

    No we don’t get many artists in Lansing. Although I did see Chris Pureka and Andrea Gibson (spoken word artist) here this year at Magdelana’s Tea House. And Amy Steinberg came to WITA last year.


  7. Anonymous Says:

    hm, don’t know why my IP address says Howell, just checked it. anyway, was thinking of setting up house concerts and grabbing artists that pass thru to other places. have you ever heard of neko case? fav.
    take it easy and thanks for posting all your music videos.

  8. No I haven’t heard of Neko Case thanks…I’ll give her a listen.

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