More Ferrick …from Pickathon.

I want to be a trust baby — so I can simply tour around to music festivals all summer long. There must be a lottery somewhere that wants to give me a million or so dollars?

Here is Melissa Ferrick playing her encore at the Pickathon – she really does play that fast and she had been playing/practicing with the men she is in this video with for just a few days before they performed.

I think she needs a tambourine girl – or maybe a body guard? I recommend myself…please start a letter writing campaign and let her know I’m available.


8 Responses to “More Ferrick …from Pickathon.”

  1. No, no, no. You’ve got to fight me for her.

  2. Zoe – honey are you serious? Fight you?

    That wouldn’t be fair …I’m a big,strong girl with a high level of motivation.


  3. Hahn at Home Says:

    ya know, mlc, this is bordering on obsession…not like my thing with Sela Ward, not at all.

  4. I love Sela Ward – maybe I should transfer my obsession?


  5. Never under estimate the power of wirery. And hey, I play hockey, I can take a hit.

  6. I agree with Lori, this is somewhat of an obsession. It is NOTHING like the way I feel about Shane on The L Word. Or about Laura Dern or Laura Linney. Not a bit.

  7. TaraDharma Says:

    i, too, love melissa. met her at a concert in Nashville, of all places. Photographed my assistant who SAT ON HER LAP. Yum! Lucky assistant.

    After a small break, I’m back ckg out blogs — I have read so many interesting things here on MLC. I can’t believe you’re single…shit. So much to offer! I hear you about the loneliness, and sometimes it seems gigantic. Dare I say it, tho? It IS temporary. Just turn up the volume on Melissa and dance yerself silly.

  8. I am whispering this and will not mention it again.

    BUT I heard from M.F. this week, really —
    it made my day, week…she sent me an e-mail.

    We’re playing Scrabble and I am not letting her win.
    I would let her beat me though. ’cause I’m a bad, bad girl.


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