Wednesday Rambles…

I am up and drinking coffee, listening to Melissa Ferrick ’cause I need a dash of adrenaline this morning, which she always provides for me. It’s overcast and cooler which is causing me to realize that summer is coming to a close.

So I’m fast forwarding and feeling a great deal of angst over the end of summer. As I have gotten older, I’ve grown less and less tolerant of cold weather, specifically winter. I’m cold all the time and I don’t enjoy it, don’t enjoy hunkering down in dark indoor spaces. It’s hard to tolerate a Michigan winter which provide about one day of sunshine (and that really is not much of an exaggeration) for month, after cold month on end.

Ahhhh, eerrrrrggghhh, ahhhh say this is not true, not happening it’s not coming.

And why is it that we don’t all live in the most beautiful, soul supporting area we are aware of – why do we find ourselves living away from what our souls and our bodies need?

How many lives do we think we have anyway?

I’m feeling a bit annoyed with myself this morning for pittering away so many years in a place, state and town that I don’t really enjoy, at all.

So I’m going to suck up Ferrick (who always makes me feel more energized, more courageous) and get rolling.

It’s art studio Wednesday which I always enjoy — I am at an awkward in between place with the work though. Waiting, admittedly I am one of the least patient people on earth, for the new stuff to come out of the kiln. Until I see how some of them are firing I don’t know how I want to go forward with the finishing process. I don’t know what I want to build next.

And I have to get on the fucking phone – which I hate – I am grateful for the business but I am tired of the phone. I wish I was doing well enough to hire someone to do the more mundane tasks of my business for me.

janet (who sounds like she should go back to bed…crabby, crabby, crabby) well I just feel like showing the dark side of my heart and spirit today…the mad, bad, darkside.


One Response to “Wednesday Rambles…”

  1. “Why do we find ourselves living away from what our souls and our bodies need?” Great question. I wish I knew. Anyway, I hope your Wednesday got brighter and that Thursday is looking good. And I can so relate to your thoughts about summer. The weather here in New England is starting to hint at fall.

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