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My Facebook Chinese Astrology reading…

Posted in Melissa Ferrick, Personal ramblings on August 14, 2008 by boychick1

Too funny not to share today’s Facebook Chinese Astrology reading…

Sudden attractions To unusual(Melissa Ferrick) or gifted people (Melissa Ferrick) are highlighted in your chart. Be aware that the more eccentric(Melissa Ferrick) and interesting(Melissa Ferrick) they are the less likely the relationship is to last. You can enjoy this kind of person(Melissa Ferrick) as a momentary distraction(Melissa Ferrick), but they are hard to live with long-term.

Hmmm. Fuck off -who said the serial single girl wants to live with anyone? I like a challenge and a distraction — this moment of mindless ramble, designed to amuse and intrigue was sent to you by your’s truely. Yes I’m in therapy and on medication.

It is sick, it is wrong, it is OCD — I have a odd form of Turret’s Skinny Rocker Chick syndrome (Ferrick, Ferrick, Ferrick) see shit there I go again (Pink, PInk, PINK, Pink).


I’m gonna go find Kate Moennig on My Space.