Poetic Sunday

I ran across this poem in Patti Digh’s wonderful little book “Life Is A Verb”.

those people
wouldn’t it be lovely
if one could
in a constant state
of we?
some of the most
can be some of the biggest
what if there was
no they?
what if there
was only
if words could be seen
as they floated out
of our mouths
would we feel no
as they passed beyond
our lips?
if we were to string
our words
on a communal clothesline
would we feel proud
as our thoughts
flapped in the breeze?

-Marilyn Maciel, “clotheline”

The author of “Life Is A Verb” shared a story of someone who went into a kindergarten classroom and asked “How many of you can dance”? All hands went up. “How many of you can sing”? All hands went up. “How many of you can paint”? All hands went up. Then the same person went into a roomful of 18 year olds and asked the same question – you know what happened.

When do we loose ourselves, our talents, our innate confidence…who are the soldiers we let shoot us down.

Today I can sing, dance and paint (even if someone is watching).

To digress to another topic (one I’ll write about more later) – I received a very precious gift yesterday, my mother’s wedding ring. On my finger is a shiny gold ring with three very large diamonds…this does not fit my life, my soul, my spirit on so many levels. I feel grateful but also changed – and what do I do? Do I wear it – it’s obviously valuable, it was an important part of someone’s life, of mine but somehow too it doesn’t feel right. It’s a love(ely) that doesn’t fit.

How much of our lives do we cling to because they have a value, a preciousness but those things don’t fit us anymore, or at all, or never did? I’m thinking about the stuff of our lives – the physical and emotional things we carry…thoughts about ourselves that don’t fit, objects – even relationships. I am thinking of you my new friend and I hope you can find something that fits and feels lovely (and loving).



6 Responses to “Poetic Sunday”

  1. IndigoSunMoon Says:

    This entry really made me think. Thanks for that Janet.

  2. beautiful

  3. glued blue glass Says:

    I love that poem! So true. Sometimes when I write, I like to mix up all of my pronouns just so that I can make that point. It ends up being confusing though.
    And about carrying objects, its very apropos as I try to move. Happy Sunday!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing my poem from Patti’s book.

  5. 8th Day Planner Says:

    Loved the poem.

    And the thougths about the physical and emotional things we carry.

    I am personally working through some of that stuff right now in my life. Things I don’t necessarily want to carry – but don’t want to entirely get rid of either as they have become so much a part of me. I wish I could just box it up and put it in a self storage unit. . .

  6. Great insight Janet about things ‘fitting’, both emotional and physical. And that is a beautiful poem.

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