Katie Sawicki

YES – I do listen to musicians other than Melissa Ferrick, Lucinda Williams, Emmy Lou Harris…Ruthie Foster

I listen to Katie Sawicki, I especially like waking up with her (oh you stop that now but then when I think about it – never mind).

In all silly seriousness she is a major talent, a great singer/songwriter and now there is a video on You Tube that does her justice.

Enjoy (then go download all of her music on iTunes or better go to Goldenrod music and buy it, Lansing’s economy could use the boost).


3 Responses to “Katie Sawicki”

  1. IndigoSunMoon Says:

    I love me some Melissa Ferrick! I especially love her song Drive. It makes me feel all warm and um…well, you know. ha!

  2. Old Crone Says:

    Tag…you are it.

  3. I saw KS in PT 2 years ago she bareley made it there her car was a wreck but OMG she is oh so good.

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