Life Is A Verb.

I am really crazy about Patti Digh’s book and blog — so I sent a submission to her and she published it! So if you follow this LINK you can see what I submitted to her wonderful blog called 37 days.

Was really hoping she’d publish my submission as I wanted to make a gift of her book to an important person in my life, and now I can as another copy is on the way.


9 Responses to “Life Is A Verb.”

  1. Hahn at Home Says:

    Congratulations, Janet. Nicely done.

  2. Thanks Lori – I was delighted to be included and score a book for my buddy.

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Janet, your submission is perfect….just beautiful….

    How wonderful to be included…I feel really honored and am LOVING reading the book!

  4. 8th Day Planner Says:

    Congratulations – I loved your response. And I have ordered a copy of the book for myself.

    As an aside – I think your tattoo poll was too difficult to answer as it did not take into account the nature or location of the presumed tattoo. Some are definitely HOT! and some are definitely NOT 🙂

  5. 8th day planner…the location is going to be my left forearm.

    Thoughts are…if it is on the topside a traditional Japanese koi fish.

    Underside of arm I am thinking Chinese characters that spell out
    compassion, understanding, acceptance.

    I was also considering a traditional sparrow tattoo which as I think about it is getting less and less appealing.

    I might start with the Chinese lettering and I can add the koi fish later if I want to.

    Your thoughts?

    Janet (thanks for visiting and you’ll love the book, Patti is a terrific writer).

  6. How lovely for you…

  7. Thank you Maria — the important person is really nice too.


  8. 8th Day Planner Says:


    Since I think a well muscled forearm is one of the sexiest parts of the body, a tattoo that draws attention to that area would definitely be hot.

    And yes – I live in upstate New York – close enough to easily get to NYC, Boston and the beautiful Adirondack mountains. (I have responded here as I’ve never commented to comments on my own blog – hope I’m not being rude – I am not sure what the correst etiquette is on this.

  9. 8th day planner – THANKS for your comments and I think your etiquette is fine. Love that area of the country.

    Now I am off to work on my forearm muscles…


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