Min Pin Mamas & Clan of Corgis…

Forgive me, Ms. peacefulness and light is going to digress into sarcasm and snarkiness – here’s the dark side.

Online dating (oops let me make that attempts to date online) sigh…

Dear Min Pin Mamas & Clan Of Corgis — the Team of Tollers, Oddles of Otter Hounds…

Yes I do realize I have a number of dogs myself and that I am a dog trainer and behaviorist but really…

I don’t want to date your 16 Chihuahuas,

Or your four Corgis,

Or feel my love surrounded by loads of Labradors.

I love animals, I do, but please don’t send me any more messages about your gaggles of greyhounds or photos of your pack of Pekingnese. I’d like a conversation that does not begin with “Pookie did something so cute…”.

I would like, you see, to date YOU not your dogs and I really talk to enough animals already.

Fortunately other approaches to dating have proven far more productive then the on-line hell of match.com, a.k.a. “divas with dogs.com” or spontaneous wrestling matches at softball games.

I go to the dog park…

Nah not really, well I do go the dog park but that place is dangerous every woman there looks like a dyke, it’s the land of Keen sandals and oversize t-shirts. Confusing. Clearly I am not the only one living with gay myths and stereotypes – just look at Susan Norfleet (she’s so damn funny)!

(last night I went to bed with the sound of coyotes howling – it was beautiful and also eerie, the wildness of the sound made my heart race. And I live in the scary suburbs). It scared my little “bliss-ster meister half to death, poor baby, mama will protect you”. Oops, oops, OOPS!


6 Responses to “Min Pin Mamas & Clan of Corgis…”

  1. an ambrosia life Says:

    giggle……I have a rat!

  2. I hear you. Most of the ‘issues’ my friends have concern their girlfriend’s jealous dogs. Makes me wonder about people’s priorities.

  3. TaraDharma Says:

    very funny…my gawd, I am a lesbian dog lover too…and I have 2 of them! Course, I also balance that with 2 cats, whew.

    This morning (early) the pit got out through a gate ajar, and so before work I had to go looking. I found her at the playground of the school 2 blocks away. Cold and hungry, she was so happy to see me! So I didn’t kick her butt. Next time…watch out!

    I rec’d da goods in the mail – thanks so much! They’re fun!

  4. Hang in there! I’ve never done the online dating thing, but I did actually post a classified once — there were some really scary responses!

  5. I loved this video. Very funny – I think because it is so true in my – oops – I mean many cases. Anyway, I hope things turn around soon for you and you find the woman of your dreams. And when you do, I want to read about it.

  6. MLC – poppin in from CJ’s blog and reading a bit – this is absolutely hilarious and more reason to not give into peer pressure and do the “Match” thing.

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