I think I have seen and heard enough…


7 Responses to “I think I have seen and heard enough…”

  1. glued blue glass Says:

    Oh my. I hadn’t seen that photo.

  2. IndigoSunMoon Says:

    Good lord…I hope thats a photoshop photo, but I doubt it is. Yeesh.

  3. *snort*…thats all I have to say!

  4. Everybody out of the water! It’s time to shoot some fish!

  5. thewishfulwriter Says:

    I would rather see April’s mamaw nekkid (again) than this picture (again).

    seriously makes me throw up a little.

    please PLEASE tell me we’re gonna send her back to ‘laska!

  6. It’s so damn scary — it feels fictional and yet it’s real!

    j. (not the photo but Palin)

  7. tribegirl909 Says:

    Holy crap…where did you get that? I need to make copies and start posting them around….Hockey mom my ass….psycho gun shooting whacko is more likely….perhaps we should mount a campaign to post them around airports with a “Have you seen this terrorist?” note…might crimp the campaign traveling just a smidge…ha ha

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