Melissa Ferrick Fall Tour Starts!

Melissa Ferrick’s Fall Tour Starts…and where will you be seeing her? (and reporting all about it to me of course and all over blogland).

Click Here!

See you in Michigan!
** If you’d like to add this banner, code to promote Melissa’s tour on your blog — let me know and I’ll direct you to where to get the code so it works on blogger.
Support Indy Artists …buy their music, don’t listen to pirated copies.**


5 Responses to “Melissa Ferrick Fall Tour Starts!”

  1. 8thdayplanner Says:

    I have to say I have not been a fan (except for “Drive”). But I see she will be at Cafe Lena, which is one of my favorite venues for music, so perhaps I will give her another try.

    Hope your tootsies are healing!

  2. am seeing her on the 19th of september in Montreal, can not wait!

  3. Thanks for visiting! – you have to see her live and in person. The best.

    Kimi love your blog, your art and thanks for the facebook add.


  4. You really, really like this woman, yes?

  5. I’m sorry Maria – what would make you say that?

    …actually I have met a real live woman who is not M.F.,who seems to like me, and I like her but I have not quite given up on Melissa, she just became my back up plan. (you know in case this other thing doesn’t work out).


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