Friday night quotations…

I have decided one of the most difficult things about being a lesbian is that you have to date other lesbians.

Too much talk.
Too much processing.

It’s so often just not sexy.

I have left 999 messages on Melissa Ferrick’s wall today.
(nah not yet but I’m thinking about it)


3 Responses to “Friday night quotations…”

  1. OK this made me laugh. You’re right, it’s a problem. Thank goodness my partner is one of the rare breeds who doesn’t require all that talk, all that processing.

    Now about 99 messages on Ferrick’s wall. Hah. Awesome. I say go for it.

  2. Just stopping by and the first thing I read cracked me the hell up. Soooo true about lesbians, one of our downfalls is we have to date each other.

  3. Yes, lots of talk and processing. It doesn’t make things easy does it.

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