Freeheld now out on DVD!

I first became aware of Cynthia Wade and her film making work when I was employed in animal welfare – she was shooting her 2004 award winning documentary Shelter Dogs which played on the HBO Undercover Series. The documentary featured a (major infatuation) colleague and former close friend of mine Sue Sternberg a well known and somewhat controversial figure in animal welfare. Sue showed me some early footage of the documentary when I was staying at her home/shelter in upstate New York.

Later I had dinner with Cynthia in Birmingham as she was screening her film around the country. I was also there to field any questions from the audience after the film that might need the input/expertise of someone working in animal welfare and sheltering.

So a few years later I was thrilled for her when I learned her movie Freeheld was up for an Academy Award for best short documentary and won! I wrote about it here.

This is a description of her film from the website…

Lieutenant Laurel Hester is dying.

All she wants to do is leave her pension benefits to her life partner – Stacie, so Stacie can afford to keep their house. Laurel is told no; they are not husband and wife.

After spending a lifetime fighting for justice for other people, Laurel – a veteran New Jersey detective – launches a battle for justice. Knuckle-biting, dramatic Freeheld chronicles a dying policewoman’s bitter fight to provide for the love of her life.

This Academy Award winning documentary Freeheld is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase – you can click HERE to purchase Freeheld on DVD.

Here is a look at the trailer for the film…


One Response to “Freeheld now out on DVD!”

  1. glued blue glass Says:

    It’s a good film. I saw it our LGBTQ film fest last year. Garden State Equality is the group that took the case on. They are an awesome group that does a hell of alot of great work. The county I was born in, Monmouth County, is one of the counties that started giving county employee benefits to same sex partners because of this case. They are a beautiful couple.

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