White Knuckle Rides…

If you climb on a roller coaster…you shouldn’t blame it for going up and down.



4 Responses to “White Knuckle Rides…”

  1. 8thdayplanner Says:

    I think I need help recognizing the roller coasters. They always seem to look like carousels to me – until its too late, and I’m losing my cookies : )

    In response to your comment – We could look for other churches but we have been at this one for 15 years, my kids were confirmed there, they have friends there, we are comfortable there, etc. etc. Fortunately, the current pastor is just filling in until we find a permament replacement. We decided that we will not let her drive us from our church home. The congregation has always been welcoming to us.

  2. this is why i never ride the darned things!

  3. thewishfulwriter Says:

    that is the best advice i’ve heard in a long time. SPOT ON.

  4. The thing about good advice, even when it’s our own it that we don’t listen to it!

    Maybe that’s why we repeat it like an odd form of turrets – so others will!

    -xo to all, thanks loads for visiting


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