Goodbye Youth…again and I am NOT done yet.

I know you all find me redundant — this is the best album Melissa Ferrick has ever put out and I listen to them all and often.

I do hope you have all gone out and purchased it…right now I just finished listening to Hypocrite and am listening to “When Thom Sings” which kills me it’s so lovely.

Go buy it NOW — I just needed to tell someone besides Melissa or a wall on facebook how much I like it.

And I am drinking a big, delicious glass of shiraz and it’s just not the best time to write, at least not coherently. So I’ll write more about Goodbye Youth later and all over yet again.

This is what I do you see, I have a wee little bit of a manic, obsessive disorder so if someone is listed in my “deeper wells” section on the side bar…I have studied them and know their work intimately. And I am a hugely enthusiastic and passionate fan of things I love.

Peace & love-

(and Patrick – homosexuality is not a sin…and if you think so bugger off and comment on someone else’s blog, all I do is hit “delete hidious homophobe comments” my computer has a special button for morons like you).


2 Responses to “Goodbye Youth…again and I am NOT done yet.”

  1. You really think this is the best Ferrick album? Are you sure? Could it just be the excitement of Ferrick and new Ferrick in general that’s causing you to gush over this?

    I like it very much, don’t get me wrong, but her best album? I don’t think so.

  2. Yeah – it’s the best one. Which one do you prefer Denise?

    I think in terms of the songwriting/music this one if my favorite. I will always, always love 70 people at 7,000 feet for the quality of her voice, guitar riffs and improvisation that magical night.

    But this is a stellar album — I can find no fault with it whatsoever.


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