Six Weeks.

Here I go …working everyday for the next six weeks. Send some love I’m tired already – still I wouldn’t trade self employment to work for anyone else again.

Well maybe tour manager for some hot singer/songwriter.



5 Responses to “Six Weeks.”

  1. pretty sure manager for a hot singer/song writer in order. Speaking of which, saw M.F. in concert in montreal last night, and it was absolutly amazing. Small venue, maybe 60 people, felt like she was in my living room.

    She said to say hi to you (well maybe not out loud)


  2. I’ll bet it was grand — I am taking three nights off…of course I am to see Lucinda Williams and stalk Ferrick all over Michigan.

    It’s her thoughts that count…I don’t want her to discuss our relationship out loud yet (I’m not ready).

    Thanks for stopping!

  3. IndigoSunMoon Says:

    Sending you some love…and lots of coffee!
    Try to get plenty of sleep every night…otherwise this six weeks will be a nightmare!

  4. 8thdayplanner Says:

    I thought you were already employed as MF’s PR director.

    Can’t be healthy – 6 weeks straight. Do take care of yourself. Getting rundown is never a good thing.

    Sending you some love. . .

  5. There are negatives to self employment for sure — like six weeks straight but I do set my own agenda for each day. Taking the work while it’s here – my November/December months are really slow.

    I mix in fun each day — or at least try to.

    Off for soccer – three classes start tonight…better run it’s going to take me at least a half hour to tape up and wrap all my joints.

    (and yes I am self appointed P.R. for M.F. — we Virgos have to stick together…no one else likes us)

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