The Seven Day Countdown…

I have always felt like an outsider – even at times in my life when I would’ve been considered one of the “popular kids” – I never sought or desired to be popular. Have always felt like an outsider and observer. Perhaps that is part of having an artistic temperament.

So when the first tattoo reality show Maimi Ink came out I was hooked. Stories of outsiders, the other ones – the designs of the tattoos, people’s reasons for getting them, the whole human story as revealed through these bumper stickers for their bodies. Tragic, comic, courageous stories – of survival and celebration.

I secretly wanted one but which one? Commitment you see has always been a problem for me. Shocking I know and NO I will not tattoo Melissa, Goodbye Youth (gads what a notion) or her likeness on my body. I would have, you see, a serious commitment problem there as well regardless of my seemingly obsessive nature. In fact I am almost ready to listen to something else. Praise Jesus.

Like Lucinda Williams new CD Little Honey…I am watching the mailbox most impatiently. I understand Ani DeFranco has a new album releasing this month.

Oops I have digressed – again – back to the topic, what is the topic?

Ah yes tattoos…I am going to commit to one of these little devils.

A Japanese style tattoo to be placed on my left forearm the fish it going to swim down and across my arm…on the underside will be an eastern character for compassion. The koi fish symbolizes courage in the Buddhist religion. According to Buddhists, humans swim through the ocean of suffering without fear, just like a fish swims through water. We are going to incorporate some water and cherry blossoms. I want the Ying/Yang of a sort of feminine tattoo but it’s placement and size is more masculine.

Seven days and counting – this weekend I will be able to see the custom drawing Eric Jenks of Fish Ladder Tattoo has done for me. I am not thinking (too much) about what a koi fish looks like wrinkled – ok sometimes I do, ok often I do – but I want it regardless.

And I’ll be one of them…the others…those that have transformed themselves and in that transformation have literally changed their exteriors as well. And I’ll never fit in on the floor of the Republican National Convention or the board table at IBM. I’ll make people just a little bit uncomfortable and push them outside their boundaries and I’ll see those folks that can’t budge more clearly.

I’ll never be feminine and discreet.

Thank dog, thank tattoos, thank you for visiting!!



3 Responses to “The Seven Day Countdown…”

  1. I have wanted tattoos for all of my adult life, and yet I have none. I actually know what I want my first tattoo to be, and I’ve known since I was 18 and it hasn’t changed. But the word first is key to that sentence, because I would be very tattooed if took the leap to get the first one. And not that there is anything wrong with being sleeved and having a full back piece, because I find that quite sexy, but I just don’t see that as me.
    Japanese style tattoos are my favorite style. I can’t wait to see how yours turns out.

  2. 8thdayplanner Says:

    I think you are extremely brave! If i were to consider a tattoo (which I never have) I think I would start with something the size of a pin head. And even then, I would probably faint : )

    But I can’t wait to see the final masterpiece. I’ll be thinking of you.

  3. I would rather have one tattoo – love it and call it quits rather then have several. Or get one too small then start getting bigger ones.

    I’ll let you know how big the ouch is – it’s certainly not going to be something I can easily cover up.


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