Big Thanks!

A big thanks to the
8th Day Planner

for visiting my blog and for adding this to her’s…

Click Here!

now who else wants to make a poor little midwestern queer girl smile (come on you know you do)…I won’t forget it. E Mail me at and I’ll send you the code to put it on your blog.
(don’t make me bribe all of you by posting half nekkid photos of myself – oh wait that might be more of a threat when I think about it)


4 Responses to “Big Thanks!”

  1. 8thdayplanner Says:

    Unfortunately something is wrong with the link. When you click on mine, and yours, you get an error message. Let me know if there is better code to use and I will correct my page.

  2. Yes I told Melissa the code on her My Space page did not work and she said they’d fix it. Must not be fixed yet.

    E-Mail me at …

    and I will send you the correct code. I did a quick cut and paste with the code on her My Space page to write up this post.


  3. 8thdayplanner Says:

    The new code you sent corrected my blog when you click on the image but yours is still directing you to an error page.

  4. I just fixed the one embedded within this post — the one on my sidebar works as does the one if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page.

    The code on her My Space page will not work on blogger but I figured it out on my own for blogger and can send anyone the code that would like to have it.


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