I’m that guy…

I realized the other day walking and listening to music (don’t you want my job – aspects of it are fantastic for a slacker) that I have become that guy.

I have become that guy I thought I was attracted to before I realized I am really into girls. See deep down I’m him…

minus the moustache, cheek bones or piercingly intense good looks.

I’m the one who smiles often, laughs often and wants you to as well…the one who never really grows up. I am disheveled, messy and sentimental – fun but not the girl you marry.

I’ll spend a lot of money on expensive haircuts and color then sort of forget to brush or comb my hair but it’s all part of a well crafted aesthetic the “I just got out of a fabulous roll in the hay” look. In fact I just fell out of bed with several dogs – literally – the kind with four legs.

And my season is coming to a close – summer is the best season for a sentimental, disheveled slacker. Cause I literally roll out of bed pull on a pair of button fly jeans (best retrieved from the floor), pull on a t-shirt, slip into thongs. Oh hell no – I mean flip flops, whenever possible I avoid all underwear. Plug in the iPod and leave the house (and people pay me for this stuff). Well I do have to walk their dogs.

But weeeeeeee…………sun in my face and shuffle to my steps, walking, singing, thinkin’. Day after glorious summer day with Melissa, Lucinda, Natalie, Trina, Ruthie, Po’ Girls and nah you don’t have to Be Good Tanyas. I like bad girls, ones with a bit of an edge to them – outsiders.

and yes maybe I am getting a wee bit old, maybe I should grow up and get a real job (or at least comb my hair) but then I tell myself “nah”.

Disheveled…”messed up or disarryed, esp. the hair; untidy.

Well I have never wanted a “tidy life” and certainly not a discreet one. And in a few days I will have to put up my flip flops for fall but not yet, not yet…

Grab what’s left of the sun on your face…savor every drop. Isn’t life so grand that you think you will implode from the sheer fucking fantastic beauty of it all!

I feel this way most of the time and I’m not even on drugs (at least not anymore).



4 Responses to “I’m that guy…”

  1. Really great stuff…as for me, I’m the mid-life chick who is not really the woman I present. I wear a suit, I look uptight, too well-groomed and somewhat anal retentive. I don’t think people would ever think I write the blog I do.

    Also…maybe they wouldn’t think that I love a good duality. The more conservative the suit, the more scandalous the undergarment – the more uptight the girl…the more uninhibited she really is.

    It’s not everyone’s thing…

    I appreciate your perspective.

  2. I’ve been in that place in my life before -feeling like there’s no one I need to please, and things as they are are absolutely perfect. It’s a good place to be.

    I’ll get back there someday. In the meantime it’s good to remind myself that there is a state, better than the one I’m in, that I can strive for.

  3. 8thdayplanner Says:

    I really don’t understand why someone hasn’t grabbed you up and made an honest woman out of you.

  4. Grow up? Who says we have to do that? I love that attitude of yours – it’s catchy. And yes, I too prefer the jeans off the bedroom floor.

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