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Friday Fragments…

Posted in Personal ramblings on October 31, 2008 by boychick1

“Fragments 1” got it’s final framing and went up in the gallery today — $225 — the finished piece measures a little over 16 inches square and received a simple mat black wooden gallery frame. I will get photos up/try to shoot some over the weekend.

The gallery holiday open house is this weekend. Honora Bird’s Gallery Lansing, Mi. I’ll be there tomorrow and again on Sunday.

Classes are wrapping up for me and another session is starting on Sunday…I have now worked oh I dunno (I do know) I have worked 7 days a week for 8 or 9 weeks in a row now. No it’s not good for a person, it’s not how hard I generally work but it’s what I have been doing lately.

The scale ridiculous number of green smoothies later moved and I have lost over 5 lbs. Finally – I can tuck a shirt in my pants…even a sweatshirt. Yeah!

Wednesday I went on a date? she invited me to “hang out” — I went to dinner with a beautiful, smart and funny woman that I have known/known of for quite some time. I asked her out earlier in the summer and she ran away to Europe instead (I think that was a little extreme, a simple no would’ve sufficed). I had a fabulous time and think she may have as well…it felt like it all went very well. But I haven’t heard a lot from her since then (and I’d like to) and I’m fretting/feeling a little sad over that.
‘Cause I’d like to see her again and she is the kind of person I’d like to get involved with, date etc.

And tired, tired, tired as my parrot would say to me (he says “tired, tired, tired” whenever I lay down) yeah it’s very cute. I am tired. My golden is not doing particularly well and I know he has days, probably not months to live.

It’s gorgeous outside and outside I intend to go – with a “thank dog” it’s Friday and I don’t have anywhere to go tonight and I am not going anywhere. I am going to hole up and watch Barton Fink.

I’ll write when I have a bit more time and energy. Enjoy your day — hug those close to you and be grateful for their presence in your life. I’ve been thinking about an old friend I lost lately and crying a bit too much over that – grieving really never ends, neither does real love.

Don’t look backwards or before you know it you’ll find yourself moving in that direction.

peace & love-


Mark Simos: Start Believing Again!

Posted in Music, obama, Politics on October 27, 2008 by boychick1

I really want Mark’s song to go uberVIRAL…so please listen, visit You Tube, post it on your blog, My Space or Facebook page. Send it to your friends, right now would be an excellent time to get started.

Let’s start believing the world will change and that YOU can change it – because it has and you have changed it. Keep going, we can’t stop now. Let’s keep promoting this message.

j (now go out and be AMAZING!)…another installment.

Posted in Personal ramblings on October 27, 2008 by boychick1

For the amusement files — and it does feel wrong to find humor at someone else’s expense but I’m an artist and a writer…we do it anyway. We use what our lives give us, well no we don’t exactly. Our lives give us things and we spin, exaggerate and embellish it because that is more fun and interesting to read.

So what the hell is this? I had to read it over, and over, and over again before I realized “oh someone from is writing to me”.

STILL – I think I need an interpreter or that jabbing hot pokers in my eyes would be more rewarding. I didn’t reply.

The name was removed to protect the inane.


H E L L O………

YOU are soooooo GREAT!!! Love the shadow photo!!!

Was in a 16 year relationship with a virgo…. so much
for the skull and cross bones astrology huh….

AND we are great friends…. BUT, she sure didn’t climb a giant wall! LOL

ANYWAY, just got back from VI, going back on the Olivia 35th bday bash to celebrate zenzi’z

50th in her penthouse bday bash…..

only the little z has that huge space all by herself right now!!! LOL

hope to “HEAR” from you,

(name removed. Well not her name she travels by an initial alone, surprised I haven’t heard of her before. I’ll bet even Cher uses a whole first name the first time she writes to someone).

Can someone tell me what …hope to “HEAR” from you – means.

Is this a kind of lesbian jargon I am not familiar with?

Sometimes I stay up at night really convinced I am going to die alone, my pets will pick my bones clean and then just what will they have to eat? This kind of thing really worries me.

O.C.’s Questions…Bears Mountain

Posted in Personal ramblings on October 27, 2008 by boychick1

What is your favorite song right now? Two. When Thom Sings, Melissa Ferrick; Knowing, Lucinda Williams.

Your favorite perfume/smell? Bergamot. Favorite Perfume: Light Blue, Dolce & Gabbana

Dark or light beer? Dark. But I do really like Corona.

Red or white wine? Red. Red. Red.

Favorite mixed drink? Vodka Tonic.

Favorite shot? NO.

Your favorite weird comfort food? Twice baked potato. Leek soup.

Your favorite color? Her blue eyes. (oh there is more than one – a weakness of mine)

Do you have an iPod? Yes, nano, lime green…almost full.

Favorite song in the whole world. Side Of The Road, Lucinda Williams. The Valley, Jane Siberry.

Mac or PC? Mac.

Kids? No.

Perfect Passion Filled night? It would take place by a fireplace or on the beach under the stars.

Favorite kind of pasta? Vodka sauce.

Favorite blog. Maria’s, Heather’s, O.C’s, 8th Day…and everyone else on my blogroll!

What is your biggest worry, social cause, passion?? Worry: never moving out of Michigan. Social Cause: Universal Health Care. Passion: oh women artists…women artists – musicians, writers, artists, photographers. Did I mention that I am passionate about creative people, creative women? Did I mention…(oh was the question about passion or obsession).


Any off the wall thing you want to tell me. My best friend, who died had a nickname for me it was “wierdo” — I really miss being called a wierdo. I miss her -oh damn I am crying. No she didn’t have blue eyes.

Mark Simos New Song!

Posted in Music on October 26, 2008 by boychick1

Mark Simos is a friend of my friends…he’s a fantastic songwriter AK & Union Station have recorded a number of his songs and he teaches at Berklee School of Music.

Here is his new song and a tribute to Obama! Go Obama! Go Mark!! Spread the word…if you are visiting PLEASE take this song and post it somewhere. Change the world, support independent music, and fantastic songwriting – art moves, music touches our souls and change begins!

Melissa Ferrick – SOLD OUT at the Ark & an amazing show!

Posted in Melissa Ferrick, Melissa Ferrick Goodbye Youth, Music on October 25, 2008 by boychick1

My friends and I traveled to the Ark in Ann Arbor last night to see Melissa’s last show in Michigan. We were all looking forward to a Friday night of music at the Ark. I’d already seen her play at the Intersection in Grand Rapids the night before — well I sort of saw the show as I volunteered to help her with her merchandise table.

Our drive took twice as long as I had planned – Ann Arbor is generally a 45 minute drive and instead it took 90 minutes. The doors had opened, we sort of barely got in to get seated before Coyote Grace took the stage. Some of us anyway, those of us who had purchased our tickets in advance got in. Some of my friends instead had to spend the evening in Ann Arbor. Sold out – Melissa’s show sold out, I was really tickled for her.

And what a great, Great, did I say FUCKING FANTASTIC show it was! She played for over 2 hours — she played almost all of her new album Goodbye Youth, she played older tunes including Drive, Bejing – she played a lovely version of Anything Anywhere and got out her fugelhorn. She’s so smart, funny and engaging on stage. Making up songs on the spot as she told stories and commented on the upcoming election, her therapists, Tina Fey (honey stand in line Tina Fey is mine or the fantasy of at least 999999999 other lesbians).

For the last song of her set Coyote Grace (an incredibly talented duo – who got a standing ovation after their performance) came out and the trio played the catchy new song Heartbeat. It was wonderful to hear that song played with the addition of a sexy upright bass and bass player…a ukelele was a nice touch as well.

She left the stage — she’s never left the stage to turn around and return for an encore (she usually just remains on stage, makes some jokes about not leaving stage and plays some more). She left – the crowd was going a little crazy we’d given her a standing ovation and we wanted more. Greedy bitches! Playing for nearly two hours was not enough dammit – I clapped and stomped my feet.

She came back out and played not one, or two, or three BUT FOUR MORE fantastic songs for her encore. She was going to play two and it became three, then four.

The songs included the new Pot of Gold – which she explained she’d release on her new version of Goodbye Youth that will be distributed next year…a revised album that would have production behind more of the songs than her album’s original version.

She also said Pot of Gold would release soon on iTunes as a single.

On November 1st — Melissa will have an online store so you can buy directly from her…and that my friends, my readers, the stalkers(oops I mean visitors) who travel the internet for all information Melissa. Do THAT — go to her website and buy, often, then all over again BUY! Self employment is hard — I’ll be happy to tell you all about it.

She then played Getting Over You.

And then (eergh my mind has drawn a complete blank)a third amazing tune, an older one.

And she finished up her wonderful show in Ann Arbor with Black Tornado – a Dan Bern song which I really love, really love, (did you hear me) to hear her sing.

I’m still buzzing, what a fantastic show and a great time. I was really sorry that some of my friends could not get in, so I had Coyote Grace sign yet another album for them (I purchased multiple copies of their albums) and other friends bought Melissa’s albums. We waited around a little more for her to come out and sign them, she did. My friend is stalking her too now (did I say too…oops I meant to say also).

I can’t imagine she was anything but utterly exhausted after a show like that but she was beautiful and gracious with her fans yet again on Friday.

Again fucking fantastic!

She signed my friend’s album, I exchanged a few more words with her about how amazing she is — she promised to send me another word at Scrabble. Or Scramble, or whatever.

We made arrangements for our first love child but then we decided “nah neither one of us would carry the baby, who would no doubt end up a manic, manic, social anarchist who can’t spell worth a damn and would forever behave like a five year old”. She’d be cute though …hot, our little girl.

Then we embraced – she was crying but I told her to be strong, that she was beautiful, and brave, and smart and strong and that I’d be thinking about her and I’d join her as soon as I could (wait a minute that might have been my dream last night instead) the part right before…

What a fantastic, fantastic, fantastic talent and am amazing, amazing concert! Certainly the best show I have ever seen her put on and one of the best, if not the best concerts I have ever seen period.

And all at the Ark this wonderful and intimate space that still holds a large number of people and has some great acoustics.

Is she coming back next week? ———–please.

Let’s just re-name it the House of Ferrick ’cause last night she owned the place and captivated, completely captivated a roomful of people.

Beauty surrounds us wherever we are and that was a beautiful night of music.

Exceeded all of my expectations…

Posted in Melissa Ferrick, Personal ramblings on October 24, 2008 by boychick1

Exceeded all of my expectations the show, meeting Melissa…hanging out with Bubba, Coyote Grace. Selling her merchandise, seeing women I know – meeting new ones.

Fun. Melissa gave me a big hug – she is smart, funny, kind. We were hanging after her show…I was selling goods, she was signing autographs. We talked about movies, facebook and scrabble. Her tour.

Whole night was fun. Tonight I am looking very forward to going to the Ark to see her, hanging out with my friends and getting to really relax and listen to Melissa and to Coyote Grace.

Oh and the tattoo …well it was very popular and now I am going to get a dozen more. Got two phone numbers and someone bought a beer for me – she told me “I am your bitch for the night”. I had fun.

Exhausted and a busy day today – more later.