A Little Honey

I am impatiently waiting for “A Little Honey” from Lucinda Williams to show up in my box.

Wait that sounds so dirty — oops.

She is coming though — eeck there I go again.

Ok go ahead…
no stop…
wait she’s coming

it’s almost here


I love musicians and brilliant women with guitars. Bopping along to Real Love and waiting for the rest — I only check my order status at Amazon, oh I dunno every 5 hours or so.


Nah. I prefer to think of myself as passionate. We’re hanging the do not disturb sign and sharing our tattoos and tattered souls…that flesh right next to the bone – catch ya all later.


7 Responses to “A Little Honey”

  1. Does Melissa know?

    I am beginning to think you are a little fickle : )

  2. Melissa who? – oh that Melissa.

    I’m seeing her next week – TWICE.

    If I never blog again after Friday night – you’ll know where I am.

    (Lucinda is in Michigan tonight!)

  3. We know where you’ll be? Probably left in the gutter after she finds out about your two timing little ass.

  4. Renee Gannon Says:

    Love Lucinda Williams!!

  5. Um…it took me twice before I realized that the title of your blog posting was not A LITTLE HORNEY.

  6. Hopefully “A Little Honey” has arrived by now and you are enjoying your time with Lucinda. I got a little chuckle at the first few paragraphs here.

  7. Lucinda Williams is the BEST — I lurve her even more than Ferrick.

    It’s close though and we are close listening to her latest uber FANTASTIC album.

    And Maria …that’s funny but I am usually a LOT honey…not a little.


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