Fragments 1

Crappy, crappy photos ( I need to shoot them outside) but I love the direction these pieces are going in. Raku fired tiles elevated on a painted wooden board…the whole piece is going to get a simple gallery frame and will hang on the wall.

weee …I am off for a haunted house hayride!


9 Responses to “Fragments 1”

  1. beautiful piece, agree it’s going in a lovely direction. I had a friend, who was an artist show me how to take good shots of artwork, as it’s frustrating not to be able to capture the work on print for sure. It was very complex, involved lights, tripod, measuring! So am back to the outdoor shot myself

  2. glued blue glass Says:

    Nice textures. I love raku firings. Never wanted to take a shower afterwards. When I was in metalsmithing, we had this special box we all used to photograph our work in. It’s a real skill to get it right.

  3. Jannie Funster Says:

    I really like that piece too.

    The first shot isn’t really all that bad.

    I fing outdoor muted light usually works very well.

  4. thewishfulwriter Says:

    I love this. As in, are you selling it kind of love….

  5. TaraDharma Says:

    i am drawn to the pattern of the whole, and also the individual ‘scenes.’ I like how it’s mounted as well — how satisfying to work on something that comes together so well. if I look around my house, I have a few visually similar pieces — i like patterns, repetition, variations.

    (Thank you for your good wishes!)

  6. Thanks all, thanks all…THANKS!

    I do like this piece and there are more like it coming. I will finish up the framing.

    I'll take some better photographs and take them outside.

    And yes it will be for sale. (the other pieces you liked Heather, I also liked until I did the glaze firing on them…not happy with the finishes I am getting yet on them).

    But these — I like these so I am glad you all like them too.

    'cause I'd really like to train dogs less and do art/have a gallery & studio more.


  7. Arial Ray Says:

    That is a beautiful piece.

  8. Beatiful work Janet. I think it is way cool.

  9. Got booted out of blogger so I’m not sure if this will be a dup comment or not. This is beautiful work. I love this piece.

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