Lucinda is HERE!

Lucinda and her “little honey” are here and I am doing it (oops listening to it) over, and over, and over again.

Hey something had to get me off Ferrick (get off Ferrick – that should help the hit counter).

I am working a LOT and I’m exhausted about half way through my six weeks, seven days a week stre t c h!

It is too much.

And my 14 year old golden is not doing well… he’s a bit better today but having a bad week and I was worried, am worried that I may have to make some hard decisions about him. Until this past Monday we have taken a walk together almost every day for the last 14 years.

He inspired a business and a career change, he’s been a business partner and friend and, and, and. As he matured he has acquired this wonderful calm, peaceful energy and a brave nature…big heart.

Wickedly smart and a smart ass — like me. We have a complicated, complex relationship and a long history.

I cannot even think about him not being at my feet or sleeping at the side of my bed – when I do I start to cry. I was brushing him and crying yesterday and he looked at me like “what the hell is wrong with you”?!

I’ll be back on a blogging track but tonight I am going to sip my tea and read all of your’s instead.



2 Responses to “Lucinda is HERE!”

  1. Leo MacCool Says:

    i grew up with a dog i felt that way about… we were inseparable throughout my adolescence/high school. sending good wishes your & his way.

  2. Hey Leo…I like your shoes by the way in the profile photo.

    He’s trucking along, if slowly — they just never live long enough no matter how much time we spend with them.

    Precious souls.

    Thanks for visiting!


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