Sunday Night ramble…

A Sunday afternoon shot from the sleaze camera and for you J. I have not uploaded another headless horseman. Although I did see some last night as I went on a haunted hayride. Which was fun – nice to be out, the hayride was nice…the spooks that jumped out of bushes were scary. The people in the wagon (myself and my friends excluded) were scarier. I am terrified frankly of rural white people that vote for McCain.

There I said it.

Someone exclaimed “that’s so gay” and I muttered “gay is not a synonmyn for stupid” not loud enough but I was outnumbered…there were a lot of Bubbas and good old boys on the wagon.

The tattoo is healing – phew. I was sort of obsessed with it and convinced it was not healing properly (yeah I went back to the artist) and he said wait a while longer but it might need a touch up. It’s going to need a touchup – areas “healed out” meaning lost color …a few small areas of my arm scabbed up.

Back at the gym — in the last few weeks I have been so busy that I have not had the time to get there and going to the gym really is essential to my health and mental well being. I have a tad too much energy that has to get expelled. I lurve the sauna, listening to music and sweating. I’ve lost some of my prior strength for example I couldn’t benchpress 100 lbs. (2 x 10 reps) today — I had to settle for 85 lbs. Sigh. Regroup all over again.

I think I may scale back anyway …not on the workouts but on the higher weights, lift more but lighter weights worried I am getting too bulky. I want leaner and meaner.

Speaking of leaner…the scale said 170!!!!!! WTF – I am NOT happy. I am tall 5 foot 10 but I am not happy with the ever growing numbers. Grrrrr.

So I am watching my diet yet again — tonight for only the second time this week I ate something 1. hot 2. cooked. I have been eating not only vegetarian but raw. Means a hell of a lot of green smoothies.

And a green smoothie is…2 cups of water, several handfuls of spinach leaves, an organic banana, an organic kiwi and into the blender it goes. Whirl, whirl, whirl and you have almost a quart of bright green spinach juice. Fucking delicious mmm, mmm and I will bet as you read this, you are, admit it — crazy jealous!

Actually it tastes pretty good – you are really not even aware of the spinach. Now if you do spinach, omega oils, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery…that is cr!@#!! you drink it but it’s not a fun experience. Not at all – and that damn scale should move if you are eating that stuff, move!

So I am a vegetarian that less and less often finds a cheeseburger in her mouth, with more raw foods and exercise.

I want to weighh 155 lbs. this is important to me and I am annoyed with my higher weight. Don’t tell me I am getting older and you gain weight –that annoys me too.

Well I am NOT getting any more mature, not ever – so there!

I see Ferrick next week…TWICE. Very excited.

Have been quiet, reflective — working too much, the dog, the election, worried about business (although it has been great, this economy is scary). No dates, no one I really want to date – sort of leaving me in a funk.

And that is about all I am up to. Really like the latest raku tile pieces and have many more, coming in various stages, to completion. I’d like to make art all day long.

And a date – a date would be great…alas not on the immediate horizon (but then who knows).

I am learning acceptance – to accept where my life is and live in the present moment and not constantly struggle with desires to be in a different place, or time, or with a different person, or a different…

Acceptance and to live in the moment (so exquisitely difficult) ahh stamp my feet bad, bad, bad little Buddhist wannabe.

Still reading…for dog sakes why?!! I am going to try to blog more often, be more interesting and get to returning your comments.

Thank you all, really so very grateful for my internet community of bloggers and readers…it means the world to me. The world – so thanks!


My baby dog — she’s so cute I just have to squeeze her, even after she rolls in disgusting things!


8 Responses to “Sunday Night ramble…”

  1. Old Crone Says:

    Tag…you’re it!

  2. Be MORE interesting? (chuckle)

  3. I love that first picture!

    I have been on a shame spiral over just about everything I ate this weekend (I really, really love cream sauce) and I wish for the days when I never gave it a second thought. sigh. Back to the gym I go too.

  4. Greg – I’m blushing…thanks!

    Cream sauce hmmm I am not going to go there. YES ok I will. A four cheese alfredo sauce OMG there is a restaurant in Chicago called Georges the best, best four cheese sauce.

    And Chewy…thanks. I guess I have quirky and interesting covered eh?


  5. TaraDharma Says:

    your tat is fantastic!

    your weight is transitory…and numbers deceiving and not reflective of how healthy and beautiful you are. And you ARE!

    Melissa — twice? Wow…I want info.

    and the smoothie sounds great – I will have to try it.

    I’m tagged…but it may take me awhile…I’ve got to work sometimes….

  6. Thanks for the pix.

    Until I read your post I used to think I would eat anything somebody else cooked for me. But a spinach, banana, kiwi smoothie ??? I hope that’s not what you’re serving the potential girlfriends . . .

    I switched to less weights, more reps too. Not because I was getting too bulky (never had a too muscular problem) but because of the toll it was taking on my joints. Getting old.

    But I do have a sauna in my house. I love to sweat without actually doing any work. Best investment I ever made.

    Love to hear more about your art. And good luck in the dating department. Maybe you’ll find someone cute at those MF concerts . . .

  7. Nice pictures! I think I could handle the green smoothie but the other one – not so much. And your baby dog is a real cutie! This was a fun post to read.

  8. Arial Ray Says:

    I think you look good.

    I guess my perspective comes from having been obese for most of my life, and finally approaching a “normal” weight for the first time in my life. I’ve lost 120 pounds. I’m 5’8″ and closing in on 180, and I feel really good about how I look, except that I need to do more with weights – I’m working on that. Now I’m starting to worry about losing too much – all the stress in my life has caused a 15 pound loss in the last six weeks.

    I think you’ll get your date. Sooner than me. Then again, I’ve dedicated myself to singlehood for the time being.

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