Ferrck Show At The Intersection


If you are planning to see Melissa Ferrick at the Intersection in Grand Rapids tomorrow — be sure to say hello to me (if you want to). I’ll be at the merchandise table.

‘Cause I am a whore that will do almost anything to meet Melissa and cause I spent 15 years in creative direction, merchandising and retailing and I can do it in my sleep. And ’cause I might meet Melissa Ferrick, did I mention I might meet Melissa.

Oh never mind. Now all I have to do is meet Lucinda Williams and I can die happy (well not for another 50 or 60 years please).

janet (who is getting terribly excited to see the concerts)


4 Responses to “Ferrck Show At The Intersection”

  1. and believe it or not, I’ll be at the merch table at Amy Ray’s concert in Toronto. Because if I was going alone I was darn well going to do something – who wants to sit alone in a place like the mod club- and then when I got the e-mail that said “amy will show you how to do this and that” it hit me – I’m acutally going to meet her….

  2. Jules Joyce Says:

    I hope you get to meet Melissa and Lucinda and many other fine women!

  3. feelquiet Says:

    Lucky you! And i’m definitely not going to be the one to point out that you could have met MF anyway even without manning her merch table, coz she’s gracious with fans that way. Enjoy.

  4. Hello Feel Quiet — that is true but I can’t meet all the other women that go to a Ferrick concert as easily as I can from the merchandise table assisting them with their t-shirt purchases.


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