When Melissa Sings…

In 48 short hours I will be seeing one of my favorite singers Melissa Ferrick play at the Intersection in Grand Rapids — a small venue it only holds about 60 people ok a correction it held way more than that…it’s in a new, expanded location now). Then to double the fun I will travel to Ann Arbor and the Ark on Friday.

I am uberEXCITED and I need an intervention or I might leave 99 notes on her Facebook wall and My Space page.

Ever the music geek. Or just a nerd period.

Here is a lovely song from her new album Goodbye Youth, the song is called When Thom Sings.

If you read my blog and are going to one of the shows (or both) let me know, say hello – let me put some faces to blog readers.


4 Responses to “When Melissa Sings…”

  1. feelquiet Says:

    When Thom Sings … not to be confused with John’s Field. I thought you said this was her best studio album and you were listening to it all the time. Exaggerated a bit, did you? Busted!

  2. Thank you. I am listening to it all the time…I just worked a 12 hour day today and put the post up.

    Thanks for seeing my mistake.

    I did have to stop listening when Lucinda Williams new album came out–
    it’s a great one.


  3. feelquiet Says:

    Why did my comment sound so bitchy? Sometimes the tone doesn’t seem to come across right on the the interweb.

  4. I’m not offended — I make mistakes all the time. My hard drive is almost completely full …then there is my attention deficit problem.

    You know the flaky, thinks too hard type.

    One would think I am a complete idiot at times (and I am).

    But I’m cute – if you like the type.


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