Exceeded all of my expectations…

Exceeded all of my expectations the show, meeting Melissa…hanging out with Bubba, Coyote Grace. Selling her merchandise, seeing women I know – meeting new ones.

Fun. Melissa gave me a big hug – she is smart, funny, kind. We were hanging after her show…I was selling goods, she was signing autographs. We talked about movies, facebook and scrabble. Her tour.

Whole night was fun. Tonight I am looking very forward to going to the Ark to see her, hanging out with my friends and getting to really relax and listen to Melissa and to Coyote Grace.

Oh and the tattoo …well it was very popular and now I am going to get a dozen more. Got two phone numbers and someone bought a beer for me – she told me “I am your bitch for the night”. I had fun.

Exhausted and a busy day today – more later.


5 Responses to “Exceeded all of my expectations…”

  1. When I read your title I had a big smile on my face. Not often do I read that expectations are exceeded, as a matter of fact, usually it is just the opposite. It is so great to see you living your dream and creating things that make you happy. Great memories for you. Enjoy tonight, take it all in.

  2. feelquiet Says:

    I’m so excited for you. And so looking forward to a full report and inside scoop after tonight’s show (hint hint). Like why is she suddenly dressing up in ties at her shows. And why she’s suddenly trotting out really really old songs all of a sudden. Anything noteworthy about her setlist, performance, comments, how she looks, why the frack she won’t release POG, etc. Sorry to co-opt your personal blog but there are no MF fanforums for this sort of exchange ….

  3. TaraDharma Says:

    how much fun is that, janet?! woo-hoo! Good for you!

    and yes, that tat is HOT.

  4. thewishfulwriter Says:

    I love it! So glad you actually got to hang with her!

    She actually just answered my interview questions – her manager just sent them back to me. GREAT stuff!

    My review/interview will go up November 1st.

    have fun tonight!

  5. Old Crone Says:

    That so rocks Janet!!!!


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