…another installment.

For the amusement files — and it does feel wrong to find humor at someone else’s expense but I’m an artist and a writer…we do it anyway. We use what our lives give us, well no we don’t exactly. Our lives give us things and we spin, exaggerate and embellish it because that is more fun and interesting to read.

So what the hell is this? I had to read it over, and over, and over again before I realized “oh someone from is writing to me”.

STILL – I think I need an interpreter or that jabbing hot pokers in my eyes would be more rewarding. I didn’t reply.

The name was removed to protect the inane.


H E L L O………

YOU are soooooo GREAT!!! Love the shadow photo!!!

Was in a 16 year relationship with a virgo…. so much
for the skull and cross bones astrology huh….

AND we are great friends…. BUT, she sure didn’t climb a giant wall! LOL

ANYWAY, just got back from VI, going back on the Olivia 35th bday bash to celebrate zenzi’z

50th in her penthouse bday bash…..

only the little z has that huge space all by herself right now!!! LOL

hope to “HEAR” from you,

(name removed. Well not her name she travels by an initial alone, surprised I haven’t heard of her before. I’ll bet even Cher uses a whole first name the first time she writes to someone).

Can someone tell me what …hope to “HEAR” from you – means.

Is this a kind of lesbian jargon I am not familiar with?

Sometimes I stay up at night really convinced I am going to die alone, my pets will pick my bones clean and then just what will they have to eat? This kind of thing really worries me.


10 Responses to “…another installment.”

  1. So if I don’t understand more than six of the words she wrote, does that make me “out of it?” Cause I just don’t get it….why would you blather on to someone you don’t know about people they don’t know?

    I really don’t think you’ll die alone. Just a hunch.

  2. I am obviously very far out of the lesbian dating loop – I didn’t understand ANY of this.

    If you are still alone at a ripe old age, call me – I’ll take care of your dogs : )

  3. I feel much better — it is a relief to me to know someone will take care of my dogs.

    In the meantime I’ll hug them to my heaving cleavage.


  4. feelquiet Says:

    oh goody. glad you got my email. “HOPE” to “HEAR” from you.

  5. OH Feel Quiet — I tried to be your friend on My Space but alas I could not.

    How will we communicate?


  6. feelquiet Says:

    Before you berate me for trolling your blog, you should know that i’m unemployed and need all the cheap entertainment i can find on the Interweb during the days.

    feelquiet at yahoo dot com

  7. OH no, no, no I don’t berate anyone for following my blog, I’m flattered.


  8. I Googled “Olivia 35th Birthday” and found it’s a cruise!
    “It’s 35 years of Olivia fun, all wrapped up in a fantastic lesbian cruise that includes the Olivia entertainment you know and love.”


    Perhaps someone is trying to sell you a cruise?

    Chewy “The Google Queen”

  9. Hahn at Home Says:

    Oh, girl, I have only been out on two match dates and I’ve already got stories for days.

    We must “compare” notes soon.

  10. Ummmm… I didn’t get it. I felt like I was reading something in a language other than English. I think Chewy The Google Queen may be onto something here.

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