O.C.’s Questions…Bears Mountain

What is your favorite song right now? Two. When Thom Sings, Melissa Ferrick; Knowing, Lucinda Williams.

Your favorite perfume/smell? Bergamot. Favorite Perfume: Light Blue, Dolce & Gabbana

Dark or light beer? Dark. But I do really like Corona.

Red or white wine? Red. Red. Red.

Favorite mixed drink? Vodka Tonic.

Favorite shot? NO.

Your favorite weird comfort food? Twice baked potato. Leek soup.

Your favorite color? Her blue eyes. (oh there is more than one – a weakness of mine)

Do you have an iPod? Yes, nano, lime green…almost full.

Favorite song in the whole world. Side Of The Road, Lucinda Williams. The Valley, Jane Siberry.

Mac or PC? Mac.

Kids? No.

Perfect Passion Filled night? It would take place by a fireplace or on the beach under the stars.

Favorite kind of pasta? Vodka sauce.

Favorite blog. Maria’s, Heather’s, O.C’s, 8th Day…and everyone else on my blogroll!

What is your biggest worry, social cause, passion?? Worry: never moving out of Michigan. Social Cause: Universal Health Care. Passion: oh women artists…women artists – musicians, writers, artists, photographers. Did I mention that I am passionate about creative people, creative women? Did I mention…(oh was the question about passion or obsession).


Any off the wall thing you want to tell me. My best friend, who died had a nickname for me it was “wierdo” — I really miss being called a wierdo. I miss her -oh damn I am crying. No she didn’t have blue eyes.


3 Responses to “O.C.’s Questions…Bears Mountain”

  1. Frankly, I don’t understand why there is not a line of blue eyed, creative women panting outside your door. Except for that weird vegetable concoction you drink, I find you quite charming.

  2. Thank you J.

    I don’t understand it either – I think I’m adorable in a really strange, annoying, slightly crazy way.


  3. I kind of like Michigan (at least rural Michigan)….maybe because it reminds me of Ontario.

    What’s a twice-baked potato?

    I saw KD for the first time more than 20 years ago, in s small venue in London Ontario. Blue Rodeo opened for her. Or was it the other way around? Best four dollars I ever spent.

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