Friday Fragments…

“Fragments 1” got it’s final framing and went up in the gallery today — $225 — the finished piece measures a little over 16 inches square and received a simple mat black wooden gallery frame. I will get photos up/try to shoot some over the weekend.

The gallery holiday open house is this weekend. Honora Bird’s Gallery Lansing, Mi. I’ll be there tomorrow and again on Sunday.

Classes are wrapping up for me and another session is starting on Sunday…I have now worked oh I dunno (I do know) I have worked 7 days a week for 8 or 9 weeks in a row now. No it’s not good for a person, it’s not how hard I generally work but it’s what I have been doing lately.

The scale ridiculous number of green smoothies later moved and I have lost over 5 lbs. Finally – I can tuck a shirt in my pants…even a sweatshirt. Yeah!

Wednesday I went on a date? she invited me to “hang out” — I went to dinner with a beautiful, smart and funny woman that I have known/known of for quite some time. I asked her out earlier in the summer and she ran away to Europe instead (I think that was a little extreme, a simple no would’ve sufficed). I had a fabulous time and think she may have as well…it felt like it all went very well. But I haven’t heard a lot from her since then (and I’d like to) and I’m fretting/feeling a little sad over that.
‘Cause I’d like to see her again and she is the kind of person I’d like to get involved with, date etc.

And tired, tired, tired as my parrot would say to me (he says “tired, tired, tired” whenever I lay down) yeah it’s very cute. I am tired. My golden is not doing particularly well and I know he has days, probably not months to live.

It’s gorgeous outside and outside I intend to go – with a “thank dog” it’s Friday and I don’t have anywhere to go tonight and I am not going anywhere. I am going to hole up and watch Barton Fink.

I’ll write when I have a bit more time and energy. Enjoy your day — hug those close to you and be grateful for their presence in your life. I’ve been thinking about an old friend I lost lately and crying a bit too much over that – grieving really never ends, neither does real love.

Don’t look backwards or before you know it you’ll find yourself moving in that direction.

peace & love-


2 Responses to “Friday Fragments…”

  1. So happy to see you back in the blogosphere. I was beginning to worry – or hope that Melissa asked you to follow her – or that you had that date and hadn’t gotten out of bed for days.

    Working too much, sick dog,tired, tired, tired. Not much romance there. But I will put good thoughts into all the good things. And congrats on the lost 5pounds, which seem to have travelled east and onto my thighs.

  2. No I don’t think I’ll be riding off into the sunset with Ms. Ferrick — although I did really enjoy meeting her and hanging out for a bit after her show in Grand Rapids.

    As for in bed for days — “someday, someway, we’ll find a new way of living…”

    janet (thank you for thinking of me)

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