a bit low…

I am still a bit low and having a hard time (losing the dog) – so hopefully those of you that read this little blog will hang in there. I’ll be back but not for a bit longer.

Now I am really excited about the election and I did train Governor Granholm’s dog…so I think my being announced as “first dog trainer” and moving in with the Obamas’ is the next logical step. So suggest it now – move Janet to the White House as “first dog trainer”.

I don’t expect to get involved in foreign policy as I can’t see Canada or Russia from my house. Shelter dogs…puppies…dog training? Well I am the very best – shove off Cesar I really do whisper and Victoria? (well hell YES I look hot in boots too).



2 Responses to “a bit low…”

  1. I think it’s good you’re taking whatever time you need to grieve. Absolutely hanging in there with you.

    “First dog trainer”. I like it. And as long as you are wiling to relocate, you think you could make a house call in New York? I don’t know if we need a dog trainer as much as a doggie brain scan. Just not sure there is anything between those ears.

    Take care of yourself. Always sending you hugs.

  2. I used to be in New York — 4 or more times a year. In Accord/Kingston area specifically…I love it there.

    And I had a wicked crush on a woman there that never went anywhere beyond a heartbreaking friendship.

    She’s a fool, ggg.

    “slow dogs” are a blessing — they don’t tend to think fast enough to cause any real problems…the smart ones are the real problems.

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