A Meme

I saw this meme on the 8th Day Planner’s blog — I am exhausted from a couple of long days of work, so a meme seems like a grand idea for a post.

What is your occupation right now? Dog Trainer & Artist.

What color are your socks right now? Blue denim – they are inside my cowboy boots.

What are you listening to right now? Coyote Grace

What was the last thing that you ate? Shortbread cookies with ginger.

Can you drive a stick shift? Yes.

Last person you spoke to on the phone? A client

How old are you today? 46. But the “real age” test I took gave me a result of “31”. My emotional maturity score is 5 years old.

What is your favorite sport to watch on TV? Jackie Warner, the women on American Gladiator (Oh PLEASE it is so campy fun) women’s volleyball. I don’t watch any sports involving boys, tights, or balls…please!

What is your favorite drink? A strong chai tea, splash of soy milk & honey….or maybe a cold Corona with lime.

Have you ever dyed your hair? The hair on my head? – yes. Other? – no comment.

Favorite food? Crab. But I am trying to be vegetarian…so then it’s roasted red pepper & tomato soup, dollop of sour cream and a great grilled cheese.

What is the last movie you watched? Barton Fink.

Favorite day of the year? Whatever one I am having. Really I don’t do favorites.

How do you vent anger? Exercise.

What was your favorite toy as a child? Something to draw with.

What is your favorite season? Summer.

Cherries or blueberries? Cherries.

Living arrangements? Single…always single. I bought my house when I was 28 years old, still live in it. Four dogs…one cat, two parrots.

When was the last time you cried? Friday when I picked up Walden’s ashes…it was a pretty big sob fest in the car.

What is on the floor of your closet? Shoes, shoes…shoes.

What did you do last night? I worked at a women’s arts festival selling our wares- “All Dogged Up”. I modeled our “bitch t-shirt” lots of women touched my tattoo (wee it was great fun).

What are you most afraid of? Hmmm – not getting out of Michigan.

Plain, cheese, or spicy cheese hamburger? Cheeseburger…lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise – give me a side of greasy onion rings.

Favorite dog breed? Herding dogs mixes are great (cattle dogs, border collies, aussies).

Favorite day of the week? Saturday usually not working.

How many states have you lived in? Michigan.

Diamonds or ruby? Emeralds…opals, turqoise, Chinese writing stone, eye ball agates…moonstones, lapiz. I LOVE jewelry not so fond of diamonds though or rubies. I prefer green, blue and yellow stones.

What is your favorite flower? Orchids. In the garden I love fragrant english roses.


5 Responses to “A Meme”

  1. Funny how some answers just lead to more questions.

    So what makes a great grilled cheese sandwich great? It’s one of the few thing I make, but now I’m having feelings of inadequacy.

    I once offered to take care of your dogs should anything happen to you. This is the first time I’m hearing about the cat and the birds. But, of course, they are all welcome too.

    This is the second time you’ve mentioned your fear of being in Michigan forever. What makes Michigan so bad, and what’s keeping you from leaving?

  2. Ah. English roses…I have them in my garden and they are truly gorgeous and smell so wonderfully.

    And for a vegetarian, you made my mouth water for a cheeseburger AND those onion rings too…

    And I have to put my two cents in. If you would just force yourself to watch ONE football game…watch my Huskers play. Watch Joe Ganz do his thing…and you will be hooked. I promise. He is glorious to behold. The whole team is…

  3. 8th day…

    1. a great grilled cheese *never* involves processed cheese of any kind. A great bread + a great cheese.
    A really interesting grilled cheese is raisin cinnamon bread, granny smith apples sliced super thin and a nice sharp cheddar.
    (I would not have that with tomato soup though).

    I can’t easily leave Michigan now for financial reasons. I have stayed in Michigan because my largely dysfunctional …”don’t ask/don’t tell” family. When my mother passes on you will hear the squeal of my tires as I peel out of the state.

    Why…?! Boring, boring – – not enough culture, not enough to do, not enough liberal minds. (I do like Ann Arbor Michigan).

    I want to live in Northampton, or Provincetown…or go to the southwest Sante Fe or Taos.

    It’s so damn hard to move an ark of animals cheaply, start all over again — financially right now I can’t. With a different set of circumstances I can more easily move.

    My dysfunctional behavior around my family is a whole ‘nother blog unto itself. One of those families where nothing looks wrong but everything is. (Republican, Catholic, conservative, suffocating, racist, sexist, homophobic – shall I go on?)


  4. Ah Maria — yellow roses are my favorite. Love Graham Thomas roses mine did not survive a brutal Michigan winter but I may give them another go.

    I am basically and secretly ridiculously sentimental & romantic.

    Now boys in tights — football?! No, never, no. No baseball either… I can kind of watch basketball.

    I played them all and grew up around them all and now I'd rather go to an art museum with a pretty girl. (woman, woman — I mean woman of course)


  5. Well, my grilled cheese would be failure. I always thought what makes a great grilled cheese is how good you squish them when cooking.

    I love Northampton and P-Town but P-Town can be pretty desolate during the off season.

    I think I’ve met your family : )

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