All Things Melissa Ferrick: Podcasts and Interviews

I think it’s time I got back on stalk — (oops back on track). I’m sure Melissa misses me, after all it’s been weeks since our tearful departure when she pulled out…dirty minds! When she pulled out of Michigan. Seesh.

On a more serious note because I am serious about how great I think Melissa Ferrick’s music is — some interviews and podcasts with Melissa Ferrick that I have run across recently.

Firstly The Lesbian Mafia . I found the Lesbian Mafia when I heard about Melissa’s interview …I stayed because Sandi is smart, funny and interesting. You can visit the Lesbian Mafia at My Space here. Oh and she’s single…smart, funny, interesting, lesbian, SINGLE. Race you there!

Don’t forget to come back — so am I…single that is. I’ll let you decide if I’m smart, interesting or funny.

So if you would like to hear part one of Sandi’s podcast with Melissa Ferrick where she gets Melissa talking about music, her coming out story, buying a sofa and her views on gay rights/gay marriage… the recent election…


Heather, The Wishful Writer just began her own series she calls “Music My Way” her first post/review was on Melissa Ferrick’s new uberFantastic album “Goodbye Youth”.

You can read Heather’s interview HERE. It’s the only place, the ONLY place where you can learn about Melissa Ferrick’s Christmas mug collection. Admit it that’s the information you’ve been waiting for (that and her bra size) anyone know where that is? Oh silly me…isn’t she beautiful and she looks so sad on the beach thinking about me. I had to tell her…I am the serial single girl (but do visit again).


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