Queer Ramble…

I’ve never wanted a “normal” existence — the heterosexual model. Marriange, 2.2 children, white picket fence in the suburbs. Never. Wanted. Any. Of. That.

Weddings and baby showers (especially) cause me mini panic attacks, I avoid them whenever possible – may break out in hives.

No, no, no. I’m queer – I’ve always been queer (for awhile I just thought I was straight queer) and it turns out I am queer, queer – I kissed a girl and I liked it – queer.

Still this Prop 8 business and the rest of it bothers me because this is basic…civil rights for all the citizens of the United States is basic. We can’t and should not hand out civil right to some citizens and not others. That is wrong.

That. Is. Just. Plain. Wrong.

And I like what Wanda Sykes has to say and she’s right — this is not about California, we are going to get civil unions (marriage) in every state of the Union.

Now. We have elected a President that has said he believes in equal rights for all citizens, has mentioned gay Americans in nearly every important speech including his acceptance speech. We have a majority in Congress.

The time is now — not for the states to decide either. If you are a state in the *United* States of America – civil unions in every state.

Period. It’s simple. It’s time to rally and keep rallying until we get this President and congress we elected on board by providing every U.S. Citizen with the basic civil rights this country was supposedly founded on.

Now on being queer — that is mostly easy – political climate and all.

Finding someone to be queer with?! Well damn it feels damn near impossible of late. Either women I want to see (aren’t interested in me) or woman interested in me are not ones I am interested in. Match.com is a vast, vast wasteland.

So it’s hard to find someone to be queer with…I have this life that is going really well on so many levels except on the dating thing. It’s depressing and what do you do.

You go out again I guess…and again…and again. I worry that I will never find the kind of women I want to date in Lansing (or Michigan in general), or maybe even in the midwest.

The sun is shining, the air is super crisp, snow on the ground – bills to pay and work to do.

Enjoy your day…it’s time to get after mine. Send me a queer woman (or several) – you know the kind that want to date other women they have things in common with and an attraction to. They know what they want and they can state it. Simple. Clear. Fun.

Cause you know I’m fun — messy yes, sentimental yes, intense ya I can be – but ultimately fun and funny.


(here’s the whole version of Wanda Sykes speech)


4 Responses to “Queer Ramble…”

  1. I am not a particular fan of the institution of marriage, but I, too, want to see gay/lesbian lives recognized and not made invisible. And I find it hard to meet a nice woman, too. The search continues…

  2. Sucks, doesn’t it? (Being single in Michigan).

  3. Couldn’t agree with you more on the Prop 8 stuff. Martha and I live with the 2.3 children (if you include the pets)fence, suburbs thing. But even when our friends were going to Massachuettes to marry, we said we wouldn’t until everyone could, everywhere. I know that day is coming, if we keep up the good fight. (although why it has to be a fight is beyond me)

    Sorry I can’t send you any queer women or get you out of that God forsaken land you live in. But I’ll keep sending good thoughts that it will happen for you.

  4. I’d suggest you come and visit Ontario…but I don’t have a clue where to find single people here…all of my friends, my age, have partners.

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