May I Suggest…

I am finally home and have eaten — but it’s been a long weekend and I am exhausted, having worked in one way or another all weekend. Going to curl up with a fabulous book currently reading “The Story Of Edgar Sawtelle. Great, great, great.

I have been listening to Susan Werner all day, all day and then some more. I bought all the cd’s there last night and have been purchasing the rest on iTunes today. Oh gads — books and music I will never be a rich woman in the traditional sense. Otherwise I am rich beyond measure- greedy, grateful and self indulgent in those things that matter to me books, music, art, food.

“Tired, tired, tired” as my parrot will say to me whenever I lie down. Wise bird.

This song absolutely blew me away last night — I got all choked up and nearly cried. Something in me broke open in a good way, an inspired way – in a way that art transforms. I was transformed and transfixed. I will write more about the concert later, after I am rested up, in the meantime enjoy the brilliant uberTALENTED Susan Werner singing “May I Suggest…”


4 Responses to “May I Suggest…”

  1. thanks so much for sharing this, it was lovely. little wonder it almost made you cry. i'm tempted to go to see ms. werner & john gorka for my birthday, but don't think i'll quite make it to baraboo then. (altho i might make it to stony brook in the spring…)

  2. Okay, I ordered it for myself. Now, do you have any suggestions for my very hard to buy for mom?

  3. You’ll LOVE it – then I’ll look forward to talking about the music with you. What did you order j.?

    I think the best gifts for the hard to buy for can be expressed, burned or eaten.

    Perfume, candles…chocolate. Don’t mothers always need slippers or a nice lantz nightgown?

    I am going write something in the morning about her song Sunday Mornings and why it touched me so deeply (and continues too).

    Now if she would — ooops, oops I am such a freak.


  4. I ordered “Gospel Truth” and based on the YouTube clips, I am really looking forward to it. I’ll share my thoughts when I’ve listened.

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