I had to…you’re welcome.

Jan…DON’T open this at work! Me I can open it at work — I love self employment…


4 Responses to “I had to…you’re welcome.”

  1. Thanks for the warning. Actually I have a very private office – its the videos that make me horny, alone in my office, that I need to avoid.

    I suppose this video gave you a new idea to share with your family at Christmas. Make that tattoo and butt crack seem like nothing 🙂

  2. Ha — yes I can pierce my nipples that should thrill everyone.

    You know I don’t mind the idea of needles being inserted at high speeds for hours on end.

    However piercings give me the creeps – I like how it looks but I’d never do it.

    And what’s wrong with horny and all alone? — I think that’s the title of my autobiography. ggggg

  3. Nothing is wrong with horny and all alone if you’re home and can do something about it. In the office its just – well you know . . . frustrating

  4. Oh, wow…I just…ached when I saw that. I couldn’t even laugh. I just sat there thinking how. that. would. hurt.

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