Hump day…

Hump day. It was 15 degrees here last night – well not under the electric blanket (that is causing cancer) and several dogs but outside. Brrrrr – it’s just the first of December.

My problem – I decided whilst driving might be that I am too contrary, too cynical. You see if I went in the business called Classy Nails – I don’t think they would be. Merry Maids never look happy.

I can go back to the gym today and lift weights…I so overdid it on Saturday that dressing was difficult and my arms, chest, back were sore just to touch – forget moving.

I’m thinking of becoming a Mary Kay Makeup consultant. Ha. Do I owe you a new laptop…did you spit your coffee all over yours? You might I am just getting warmed up.

I LOVE FACEBOOK – last night I had a long banter with Suzanne Westenhoefer, yeah yeah THE SUZANNE WESTENHOEFER…we sent some messages back and forth on my wall (sounds so dirty) about Mary Kay, religion, republicans, lesbians and tattoos. I can never wash my screen again. We’re friends and non of that fan page shit…we’re friends.

Facebook friends are – absolutely real *and* she doesn’t even care that I’m gay.

Pink’s new video — it’s hot — to Jan do not watch this at work without an outlet.

I said it’s hot and that’s the kind of self love I’m talking about…goodness. Though I’d be happy to help her with her self esteem. I wonder if she’s on Facebook? I want to start stalking her…”start” hey yeah that’s funny.

Happy Humpday!



3 Responses to “Hump day…”

  1. Arial Ray Says:

    Mary Kay? Pink Cadillac? That I’d like to see.

  2. Ugh! I know whatever weather you have, I will have in a couple of days.

    Are you back to the gym for your own healthy purposes, or stalking that young weightlifter again?

    Hey, if Ellen can be the new CoverGirl, you can be a MaryKay rep. Free to be you and me : )

    I know nothing about how facebook works except that my daughters are on it whenever they have a free minute. I’m afraid of its addictive powers.

    Waited to come (no pun intended)home for lunch to watch the video, but I don’t know, it really didn’t do it for me. Please try again.

  3. I go to the gym about 4-6 times a week and have for the last couple of years. The weightlifter (actually old for me at only 10 years younger) is in a relationship *and* is just a new friend. Friend. Period. Friend.

    But now that I have heard the term…
    MILF. I fear these 30 year olds are thinking of me that way — which is not sexy. I don’t want to be a MILF (google it…ewww)

    I want to be a rock star – alas I’m 46.

    sigh. and I don’t sell Mary Kay not yet.

    I did sell every piece of stinking art…and I am really excited about that. Over $600 this week (wee).


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