Watching the snow fall on a Thursday morning…

Well I am watching the snow fall and sipping the coffee slowly. The forecast today is a temperature of around 16 degrees. Brrrr – it’s only the first part of December, this makes me rather nervous about January.

The other day I spent a tiny fortune on smart wool despite the fact that it was on sale – if I have to live in Michigan then I am going to live in smart wool, I’ll be layering it on today as I will outside. Nearly all day – walking 8 dogs…this does not include my own. Fortunately I walk several of the dogs at the same time so it’s only four hours of walking.

After the first of the year my hopes/goals are to do enough business with classes, and with my art to eliminate the dog walking from my routine. Right now it’s a lot of supplemental income and I can’t afford to not do it. But I’d like more time at home and for my art next year.

It does look like I will be getting a kiln – beg, borrow or steal. If I don’t have the funds to buy a new one right away, I know an artist that is going to loan me one. The universe is generous and gives us all we need.

So where is the hot girl? (oops the lovely, sensitive, intelligent woman who…) Hmmm…never mind.

The universe is stingy, stingy, stingy.


I have managed as the year comes to a close to make it self employed in a hideous recession. I have spent the last decade self employed other then a four year stint at a Humane Society – I resigned from that position three years ago. So it’s been three years of re-establishing myself again in the training community or rather re-establishing my business. The final straw for me at the shelter was discrimination — I was told I could not work in humane education (I was already the Director of Behavior Programs) because I was 1. unmarried 2. childless. Keep the queer girl away from the children. Actually they weren’t worried about the children they told me they were worried about what their parents would think. Yes – spoken right to my face. I was dumbstruck, dumbstruck. Hurt…frankly devastated.

YES really – at a “humane” society…and all perfectly legal this is Michigan, land of equal opportunities and rights. They later changed this gross opinion but by then I had reached the breaking point. I left.

So this year – whoo hoo – it was a good one, despite the poor Michigan economy. The year ends and I will have paid all my bills…without taking out loans, selling things, cashing in investments or amassing loads of additional credit card debt.

I am so relieved…it does take about three years to get a business going and when you are doing it – it’s hard work, stressful and you keep at it. And all things working together you get there.

NO I will not be taking a job at an animal shelter and handing them my expertise, customer list and la, la, la again. YES that is what I did before – it was great for them, not too terrific for me in the long run.

Anyway if you read here, now my fondness for the independent artist (or someone like Melissa Ferrick) makes more sense. I have been at the top of my game many times – and “kerpolp” stuff happens and you are starting and reinventing yourself all over again.

I love self employment, get along great with my boss…don’t think I am suited to a suit or “normal” job again. My next goal is to work on my art, move – open a gallery/studio. I worked in merchandising/retailing/creative direction for 15 years.

Miss it – want to get back there.

But right now I am going to wander into the kitchen for some more coffee, to mix up some oat bran pancakes. I load them up with coconut and carob chips, I think that sort of destroys the low fat thing.

Then to the gym – lift, lift, lift and cardio. I’m regaining some of the strength I had lost by slacking off. I sort of slacked off as I was worried I was getting too big, too muscular and it’s not really an aesthetic I like for myself. Anyway I am back at it more cardio and more repetitions of slightly lighter weights. It’s working and I am doing a bit less work on my mid-section. I was doing so many sit ups, weighted sit ups that I was putting muscle on my middle and that = thicker. Oops.

And I like to think of myself as a skinny little rock star who really should comb her hair on occasion. Instead I am a not skinny, 46 year old dog trainer/artist who really should comb her hair on occasion. But inside…rock star.


(thanks for following the blog — keep signing up, I feel so validated. I know a bunch of you visit but I don’t know who all of you are and I’d like to get to know you).


8 Responses to “Watching the snow fall on a Thursday morning…”

  1. Great picture! I love upper arms, especially well toned upper arms. Hot.

  2. O.k., I give: What’s “smart wool”?

  3. So, what’s the difference between “following” a blog as opposed to just having your site in my reader?

    If you leaned down a little further in the picture, we could all look down your shirt. (Not that someone who’s in a long term committed relationship would be notice such a thing : )

    And I think since you have recently sold so much art you should stop referring to yourself as a dog trainer/artist and call yourself an artist/dog trainer.

  4. Greg – thank YOU. I am blushing and my arms are sore (I might have read your message before I went to the gym). OK I did — it was motivating.

    Sue J. Smart wool is a brand they have uber FANTASTIC socks, underlayers, sweaters…it’s all wool, it is kind of expensive but wears like iron and super warm. It can all be washed/dryed in regular machines…no dry cleaning.

    Now Jan – are you trying to get me to shoot more revealing photos of myself. (It seems so trashy and yet tempting) It’s cruel to tempt lonely midwestern queer girls with flattery. I am flat — so to look down my blouse is not too exciting unless you are into a Shane kind of thing. flat, flat, flat.

    I’m five foot ten… a tall drink of water – slim with broad shoulders. There are parts that probably look better then a glimpse down my shirt.

    Now if you look at the top of this blog on the right you’ll see who follows this blog …if you click on the link it just adds you to who follows the blog.

    The more I get the more popular I feel – alas I have an ego. Which given the way I keep striking out with women is very wounded, very fragile – very much tickled when someone at least follows the blog.


  5. I recently found your blog through Google Reader’s recommendations.

    Thought now was a good a time as any to say hello. 🙂


  6. TaraDharma Says:

    my darling, you are doing very well for yourself, indeed. You’re taking care of business in so many ways: financially, ethically, healthfully and artistically. I bow down to you, my queen! It is quite a feat to be able to operate successfully outside the bounds of our weird lil’ economy and job market — I have been sucking on the teat of the giant university for 21 years and am scared shitless at the prospect of going it alone (though this is my fondest dream,,,,)

    Keep on keepin on, and add to that fabulous tat while you’re at it, it is so beautiful!

  7. Arial Ray Says:

    It’s too frickin cold to wear a t-shirt here.

    I’ve got to find some smart wool. I’m cold all day, all night, all the time. I’m haunting thrift stores and buying wool sweaters (it’s amazing how many you can find…and they’re cheap) because wool is the only thing that keeps me warm. And it’s only December.

  8. Congrats on surviving this year as self-employed. I think that’s an awesome thing, especially with this terrible economy.

    I was hanging with my buddies who just moved here from MI. They want me to go for a visit to MI sometime with them. Winter however, is sounding not like the time to go. Unless I get some of that smart wool….

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