All Healed.

All healed. A shot from the sleaze camera on the macbook – now I have almost (almost) forgotten how much four hours of tattooing hurt and am thinking of extending it further.

In fact I am pretty sure I am going to. Not a sleeve but up my arm…I actually like the less “dense” look of a large tattoo that is not a full sleeve and they are not touching the underside of my arm again. That part I do remember. When I have it extended I will figure out a way to incorporate an initial, image etc. to commemorate Walden.

And remind myself two hours in the chair is my limit…two, not four.

Yeah – that’s a lot of snow in the background…more, snow, cold. It was NINE degrees here last night NINE. That is just wrong.


11 Responses to “All Healed.”

  1. Okay, I signed up as a follower. I hope this helps your fragile, wounded ego. Nonetheless, I do read, and enjoy, your blog at least daily. Today’s photos are . . . well, I’d be safer not to reveal my true thoughts.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    We can’t have you pouting now, can we? Perhaps the following, along with a good shiraz, might help a little in getting you thru the next bout of holiday fun with your family. Here goes…

    Your artistic talent speaks for itself, both in your tile work and your writing. You are physically stunning. Your hair is great. Your breasts are perfect, as is your new tattoo. Your blog is alternately touching, funny, gut wrenching, sweet, poetic, romantic, political, and always interesting. The list goes on and on.

    In return, I’m crossing my fingers that you will meet a talented, guitar-toting beauty and wordsmith, one with pretty blue eyes, who’s young, intelligent, energetic, open-minded, and romantic, who knows when to give you space or offer you a back rub. Someone to always adore you. Someone made just for you.

    I guarantee she will never, ever want you to comb your hair, either.

  3. 8th day…you tease. You are influencing me in a very sleazy direction. And I have to say NO I am not used to people responding to me that way.

    I think of myself as Olive Oil.

    OK. Off. Redundant. Too freaking cold to be outside all day and yet that is where I am headed.


  4. I wasn’t teasing. I will just leave it that eating green stuff, walking hours every day and working out 4-6 times a week obviously pays off. I wasn’t trying to go for sleaze, but if that’s where you want to go, don’t let me stop you.

  5. Thank you Jan — I’m flattered. Tease was probably not the right word. Tempt perhaps…don’t tempt me.

    I have not had a successful date in 14 months. I’m a sponge for flattery lest I curl up into a fetal position and start rocking and humming.

    NO I won’t post any Nak-kid photos, I’d lose all of my readers.

    OK I have to get my new schedule up on my website before I do any playing on blogs or Facebook.

  6. Dear Anonymous…I am 15 shades of red. I’ll bet thought there were only 12 shades…me too, turns out I was wrong.

    Oh here comes another …16 shades of red.


  7. Margo Moon Says:

    Careful about not remembering the pain. Forgetting about how bad childbirth hurts is what lands some women with a van full of kids. Not that tattoos are the same as kids, but still.

    Anyway, nice arms.

  8. Margo — no vans full of kids for me. Not to worry there…does one ginormous tattoo count as a van full?

    Thanks for visiting-

  9. Arial Ray Says:

    Love the tattoo!

    I’m beginning to think that it’s where you live. 14 months without a successful date? Looking like that? it doesn’t make sense.

  10. The tat is beautiful. Love it! When is the expansion going to take place?

    Snowed last here in Mass. Not enough to shovel really, just enough to cover the ground.

  11. Nice twat. oops… er… Nice tat. (giggle)

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