OK it was ZERO degrees here last night and the snow is still coming down…windy. My diversity peace flags are the only hint of color outside and are twisting up in the wind.

Last night the furnace kicked off – it did not cycle back on and was blowing cold air most of the night. I was under the cancer inducing electric blanket, clutching the extra pillow to my heaving bosom and dreaming of singer/songwriters – I didn’t notice it until this morning. When I got up it was so cold in the house that the temperature didn’t register on the thermostat. Now I have it cranked up and am sitting on top of the space heater.

Why do we live in the places that we do — why have I spent 46 years living here and complaining about the weather year round but especially in the winter months. How much wasted time there? Never mind.

Just finished a bowl of FAGE – greek strained yogurt…the stuff rocks,even the zero fat. Fill a bowl with fruit, Fage, add some granola, some ground flax seed & honey. Well everything is better with honey. Delicious and nutricious.

Eat FAGE – just not in my town. It’s like everyone has suddenly discovered it. Last week I went to two different stores and everyone was sold out. I was inconsolable, there are no substitutes.

An appointment this morning (dueling beagles) lesbians merging lives which of course includes merging pets – pets not too keen on the U Haul and the new roommates. Then later on I’ll be going to Goldenrod’s Open House…Nervous But Excited is one of the groups performing today (and the only one I am interested in). A roomful of women, the required hummus buffet, cookies that are actually eaten, music, music, live music — it should be fun. I’m excited to toodle around there. Who can I accidentally bump into in the aisles?

Then I’m trying to decide if I need to head down to Ann Arbor again tonight to see Lucy Kaplansky…if so it will probably end up being another one of my solo voyages. I can’t get the women friends in my life to turn off the bloody football games, to leave their houses in the winter time — or they do things like have children and then what do they do? Yeah right not go and see live music with me.

Sigh. I think I should get in the shower…my hair is a tousled rat’s nest that has moved beyond “sexy disheveled” to disgusting.

What are you going to do today? – is something fun on your agenda…
Last week I was iChatting with a woman I went out with a few weeks ago – so she asks “what are you doing that is fun today”. I thought that was a lead in…”I don’t know would you like to go out”? She didn’t – well she had to think about it, later she decided “no it’s snowing and I am not going to leave the house – besides I have some blinds to hang”. Well she didn’t know how to – so I went over and hung the blinds. It was dinner time – did she want to go out? NO. Did she offer to order in? NO. Did she rip my clothes off after seeing my rippling biceps wielding power tools? NO.

It boggles?!!!

I left — I don’t understand women…at least not this one. Too much work.

All righty then – the dogs are filling the air with noxious methane gas, I need to take a shower and Susan Werner’s album “Gospel Truth” ended…which means only one thing.


Sounds like my life, sound like yours?

I need a new track.


8 Responses to “Brrrr…….”

  1. Yeah. A lot of my life feels like peat and repeat. I am sure glad I don’t live where it is that cold. I don’t know how you do it year after year. One full year in NY was enough for me.
    Have a fun weekend Janet.

  2. I love FAGE and currently have one container of the strawberry remaining in my fridge – but not for long. For a long time I could only find it in Whole Foods but now it's everywhere. You're right, there is no substitute.

    Ok, she watched you hang her blinds and then let you leave. Something is wrong with her apparently. Send her the leaning picture from your previous post with a note attached letting her know that there is something wrong with her. She needs to know & there is no need to be tactful about it. 🙂

  3. Margo Moon Says:

    The “Why do we live in the places we do” question occupies my mind at times, too. Only, what I don’t understand is how people manage to leave a strong place. Seems it’s those days when nature cooks up something really challenging that I love our place the most and have the most fun outside.

    FAGE. I’m a vegetarian for 28 years and this is the first time I’ve heard of it. Gotta get out more. 🙂

    Did you remember to shine up your muscles a little bit before putting those blinds up? If so, then I have to agree with Greg – there’s a malfunction.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Lawdy, girl–quit givin’ it away…next time you want to hang curtains, try seniors on SSI–some of whom will probably have very young, sexy granddaughters. Hope you enjoyed yr day out & met someone else.

    – Anon (your nagging,
    overprotective cybersister)

  5. Thanks — I am getting a little depressed and feeling sick of Lansing, exhausted with this lack of a dating life.

    Anyway I ate too much and it's cold and snowing pretty hard …so I am going to stay in and skip Ann Arbor & Lucy Kaplansky.

    thanks, thanks – more later!

  6. Arial Ray Says:

    Cold and snowing here too. A regular storm.

    Good thing I like winter. By February it becomes my mantra – perpetuating the illusion that I like six months of snow keeps me sane. I’d be happy to be done in three.

    At this point I’m living here because I have to – my daughter needs regular access to her father. If I was on my own, I’d be outta here.

  7. TaraDharma Says:

    ok, so, what do you like about where you live?

    Lori (hahnathome) in Sacramento is having a difficult time dating, too, so it’s not just Lansing.

    And that woman so f*ing blew it — der….I have a hottie in my place hanging blinds…what should I do now??? (shaking head in disbelief)

    Winter is the time of discontent on many levels…I hope you find ways out of your funk!! Rub some dog bellies! Know that your readers in the blogosphere love to read your stuff!

  8. Thanks for the yogurt tip. Sounds yummy. I promise not buy it in MI.

    Regarding the blind hanging incident – you sure this woman is a lesbian? I mean, come on now – she let a woman with a power tool and hot tat leave her house just like that? Her toaster oven should be taken away.

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