Random snapshots on a Tuesday…

I really need a haircut — it’s a few days away until then ick.

My sister in law lost her job — I thought to be thoughtful we should just forgo the Christmas gifts this year, I don’t need anything…it seems silly to exchange gifts in a recession. So I got this e-mail message today…

Dear Janet

Your mom mentioned that you could not do the draw this year? That’s fine with us.
So you, me, _______, and your mom will not exchange. Please confirm.

Thanks and have a great day-

My family just gives me a warm, warm, fuzzy feeling inside? Is is me or is that message just “chilly”. I replied to her in a kind way – you know when you use “Dear” and write a thoughtful message and you write “love” in your salutation.


It’s snowing, raining and basically gross here…I do want to send this weather away to those who will be receiving it, I’m sorry.

Yesterday at the gym – I increased my weights. There I was in my pink tank top doing bicep curls with 20 lb. dumb bells — today I am not sore (it’s a little scary). A man referred to me as “an animal”. Asshole.

And I watched “Notes On A Scandal” again last night — just love that movie, the acting the dialogue. Cate Blanchett’s mouth…does she not have the most exquisite mouth, so kissable. Sigh. Other parts (of the film, of the film of course) are great too.

I am getting up for pancakes with coconut and carob chips — I really don’t want to leave the house today…so gross. I will be walking dogs in a parka carrying an umbrella (that is just not right).

And I think I am going to take the last few weeks of December and first part of January off — going to look at my finances and see if I can say “no to classes”, “no to private lessons” for a few weeks and get myself back.

Cause mid-January…seven days a week starts all over again.

And I am lonely — would someone fix me up please? I just hate feeling this not fucking lonely – grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


9 Responses to “Random snapshots on a Tuesday…”

  1. I think I can top this. My sister-in-law signed her cards to me (even my mom) “sincerely”.

    We in the east DO NOT want your friggin’ weather!!! I’m going outside with my hair dryer and pointing it west to blow it back at you.

    I can’t believe you’re talking about Cate’s mouth. Are you just trying to make me jealous? Like I need even more competition? Geez. I have to say though, Notes on a Sandal gave me the creeps. Predatory lesbians are a little frightening to me.

    If I could fix you up from here, I would. Although I don’t think any of the single women I know are good enough for you. Take those weeks off and go out and rattle the trees. There’s got to be some hot, guitar playing woman to keep you warm this winter.

    Off topic, I just got some really disturbing news about ‘the pastor’. If I don’t blog about it in the next few days, I’ll email you. It just gets more and more bizarre.

  2. Hey…your hair looks great! I won’t comment on the weather in San Diego 😉

  3. Oh yes cause I have a real shot with Cate. I should blog about my first kiss re: predatory lesbians.

    She was a lesbian therapist, not mine, my friends — sounds interesting doesn’t it?

    Story is sad, sadder was the kiss.

    all right chatting on facebook – gotta go.

  4. My MIL always sends Bing and I separate cards. NO idea why as she refers to me as her daughter in law. But…every damn year, we get two cards…one addressed to her, one to me.

    And while I love Cate, I would rather kiss Tina Fey.

  5. Most of your Michigan weather moves northwest – right to me.

    I wish my curls would behave, but they insist on doing what they want, haircut or no haircut. The wet weather and my trusty wool hat make me look even worse. Your hair actually looks quite nice.

  6. Ah, I know what you mean about the gift thing -it does seem silly doesn’t it? I sent everyone I knew an email stating no presents, no cards in the mail – simply emails and let’s get together for a beer/coffee (for those who don’t drink). My family ignored my email of course. Only my struggling friends replied with appreciation. Why we choose our own families, I guess.
    Hey, if you were in Atlanta I’d def set you up. Michigan, huh? You didn’t by chance play rugby in the
    late 80’s early 90’s did you?

  7. No I’ve never played rugby…I played basketball, volleyball and softball in highschool and sort of in college (more try out for scholarships sort of thing).

    And Maria …Tina Fey really. I think I’d like to kiss them both at the same time would be fine (however awkward).

  8. My hair stylist is brilliant — I adore her and have not let anyone in the last 25 years except Claudia…touch my hair.

    I am a loyal soul.

    And regarding the weather…someone tosses it here and we pass it on. Fall where it may.

    I am NOT responsible for the weather too- threatening traditional marriage YES, weather NO.

  9. I’m impressed that you did answer kindly. Oh well. I’m feeling so burnt out, I totally hear what you are saying about taking a few weeks off. Sometimes you just need time to be you for awhile, with no expectations. Hang in there you. As for the dude calling you an animal, I hope you growled at him!

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